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Number Plate Templates
I just fiddled a little bit with the number plates for the Audi TT Cup and thought I might as well share it.

So attached you'll find a gimp and png file of the number plate in the audi_tt_cup_numberplate.zip.
It is exactly four times the size of the number plate used on the original kunos templates but is not rotated. In order to replace the original numberplate you'll have to rotate it about one degree.
The guide lines inside the white area show the position of the original numbers (for the 14 car).

Since I also build a wec numberplate for the Porsche RSR so I'll attach that as well in wec_numberplate.zip.

Unfortunately I couldn't get Gimp to export to psd without merging everything in a single layer and removing the guide lines.

Anyway I hope it takes away a bit of work for others who like to skin with those. Smile

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.zip   audi_tt_cup_numberplate.zip (Size: 35.55 KB / Downloads: 21)
.zip   wec_numberplate.zip (Size: 57.77 KB / Downloads: 34)
Since the GTE/GTLM cars in AC still have the old Tudor Championship logos on their number plates, I went ahead and made a more current template with the WeatherTech series logo. This is a GIMP .xcf file where the car number is on its own layer for easy editing. The number field defaults to GTLM red but you can easily select the region by color and swap in the green for GTD. I don't have Photoshop so this is all I can offer.  Blush  An example is shown below.



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.zip   IMSA-GTLM-number-plate.zip (Size: 16.1 KB / Downloads: 7)
⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth
I've improved the GIMP file above to include layers for several race series, based on some research of various car pictures, logos, official sites, etc.
  • WEC 2018
    • LMP1 (#e41819/white)
    • LMP2 (#20558b/white)
    • GTE Pro (#009635/white)
    • GTE Am (#f28f00/white)
  • ELMS 2018
    • LMP2 (#20558b/white)
    • LMP3 (#642478/white)
    • GTE (#f28f00/white)
  • IMSA WeatherTech 2017+
    • P alternate (#505050/white)
    • P and GTLM (#c3262e/white)
    • GTD (#00b219/white)
  • IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup 2018
    • Platinum (#000000/white)
    • Gold (#f0e90d/black)
  • Blancpain GT3 2018
    • PRO (#ffffff/black)
    • PRO/AM (#000000/white)
    • AM (#c3262e/white)

Future updates:
  • Lamborghini GT3 SuperTrofeo
  • 24h du Le Mans
  • Bathurst 12-hour

Previews of the WEC and ELMS numbers (top logo is interchangeable, and both series use the same class colors)


Previews of the IMSA plates:


Previews of the Blancpain GT3 plates:

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.zip   universal-number-plate.zip (Size: 93.98 KB / Downloads: 21)
⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth
Newest version includes all of the above, plus the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Championship classes: GS (GT4), TCR, and Street Tuner.


Attached Files
.zip   universal-number-plate.zip (Size: 140.11 KB / Downloads: 10)
⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth

Well done to all!!
Giving this old thread a bump because my Universal Number Template for GIMP has been updated with several series, including the IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup, which applies to anyone making a livery for that car in the current season.

Find it on RaceDepartment here

⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth
The Universal Number Plate template has been updated with a whole bunch of vintage stuff that I guess I should have posted at the beginning of the current season. Big Grin
  • ALMS 2013 for the BMW and Ferrari GT2 cars
  • fantasy "24h Vintage Revival" for the 787B
  • 2old4forza vs. GTP YouTube Challenge badges
  • basic vintage roundels for the Abarth 595 or any other old car
  • plus some other stuff not (yet?) relevant to SRS
⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth
Plates relevant to AC season 2020.2:
  • Jean vs zerobandwidth YouTube Challenge
  • 2old4forza vs GT Panama YouTube Challenge
  • vintage plates
  • several different GT3 plates
  • Le Mans Vintage Revival (for Group C)

more samples

Derp, forgot to link: Universal Number Plate Template (GIMP)

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⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth

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