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Lotus 25 Championship
The solution to the G27's noise issue is to sell it on ebay for ~200 USD and spend the difference on a Thrustmaster T300RS which your girlfriend can easily sleep next to while in use, should the need arise.
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (an Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
Ahah, I was also thinking something along those lines Big Grin
I was having some serious issues with vibrations (T500 + LUT) on Monza 66 Full in the Lotus 25, but surprisingly on the straights NOT on the banked sections. Once I got over about 150mph there was some major vibrations of wheel + rig.

Eventually checked all my settings - discovered I was running with T500 set to 100% in the Thrustmaster profiler thing, but I was using the LUT I generated at 55%, not the LUT I generated at 100%. DOH!

Changed wheel down to 55% and vibrations gone, no longer have to turn my FFB down on this track!
I want to send a huge thank you to SRS, that they choose this old F1 car.

My long simulation-racing-carrer was so much affected by GPL, that it feels like coming home, when I take place in the Lotus 25.
It makes so much fun, to throw the car around the corners.

After my first race at Brands Hatch (I was kicked in the back right after the start) I thought this series will become a wreckfest.
But most of the races offered very clean and good racing to me.

So thanks again to SRS. Thanks to my driver colleagues and hopefully one of the next seasons offer us a series with the Lotus 49 or the Ferrari 312.
(But I would appreciate it, if SRS could choose more racetracks out of the corresponding era to the cars.)
(03-13-2018, 02:12 PM)Frank Pit Wrote:  But I would appreciate it, if SRS could choose more racetracks out of the corresponding era to the cars.

I second that. There are quite a few more tracks that we coud use (Imola 72, Solitude 64, Spa 66, Rouen les Essarts, Sandevoerde 60s for ex.)
Very good tracks.
I want to add Monaco 66, Kyalami 67, Watkins Glen 67 (but I can't find this version).

I think the old cars fit better to old then to the new track layouts...
I don't necessarily agree but if nothing else, it would be a good occasion to see some other tracks than the usual ones... (the good news is the Nürburgring has already been done, yéhééé...)

Monaco and Watkins would be fun ! Kyalami... I dunno, didn't like it then (in GPL), don't think I'd like it now Smile
in my GPL-times I sometimes hated Kyalami, too.
But it will bring memories back ?

Watkins Glen would be fantastic. (Loop, Big Bend ?)

Which Nuerburgring-Version do you mean?
The modern GP one. It's one of the like five tracks we constantly race on.

I've blocked memories from Kyalami I think but Big Bend will certainly be a trip Smile
we had this conversione about tracks before the race too

we wrote about Thomson Road and Bridgehampton tracks with nice elevation changes and no curbs.

the races in the '60 tracks were very fun, the races at Monza were incredible everytime, so hard to pull away and there were always groups of 3-4 in less than a second with many overtakes.

Spa isn't bad, but modern Imola.. maybe not as bad as the Nurburing, but the new Variantes aren't for this car.

Nurburing and Okayama (expecially this one) are used too much, Okayama is even in 2 similar champs, the RSR Asia and Euro have it..

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