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Porsche Moby Dick Monza 66

which times to expect today? i tryyed some laps 2:14 best  but fuel per lap is 11,5l so if threre will be 10 laps so 120l needed, i didn look how big is the fuel tank yet Smile 

preapared my 1st skin made for any sim, so hope it will download

[Image: preview2.jpg]
The fuel tank capacity is 120L - I calculated that I could do 10 laps on a full tank. Hopefully the tires hold up that long! Might have to set up an emergency pit stop just in case. I did some hot laps yesterday at that same pace but likely will be a second or two slower during race.
Full tank should be enough.
In any case, if you see that at the last lap you have less than 11.5 liters, reduce the turbo pressure to save fuel.

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