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Let us show our rigs
Hallo everyone ,
Great to see so many people sharing the same passion.
I started sim racing in  2012, using PS3 with  GT3 and GT4.
I had a lot of fun with it but a couple of years later I came across a youtube video series called Sick Games Entertainment and immediately I became crazy about real simulation.
I learned so much from this Austrian guy who was building an incredible ( at that time ) simulator rig .
He was using  3 Optoma projectors spending hours days and probably months to re-create 1:1 screen dimensions and FOV , testing and showing all his progresses every week.
He was so passioned and precise in what he was doing, that I have to say thanks to  him I have developed my new passion and hobby.
Funny thing is that when  I was ready to re-create all what I was learning from him, the technology changes into VR and than I decided to try the CV1.
After just 2 hours using it, was clear for me that the technology brought us a new milestone in Sim racing and suddenly there was no need to spend hours in calculating screen position, FOV, projector overlapping and so on.
Anyway , racing agains all of you , I'm curious about your setups at home and I have decided to post my sim rig, hoping you'll do the same ( I just hope this kind of Thread is not already opened somewhere else as I was looking for it but did not find ) 

So this is my sim ring at home in Italy I'm using Fanatec setup since December and I love it  ( previously I was using G27 setup )
Thanks for sharing your rigs 

have a nice race 

[Image: 26991717_10213327345873187_5792248648157...e=5AD9A9A1]

[color=var(--ytd-video-primary-info-renderer-title-color, var(--yt-primary-text-color))] [/color]
I've been meaning to take record of the latest iteration of this setup, so this thread is the perfect time!
  • 42" Samsung TV ~75cm away from face
  • Thrustmaster T300RS with F1 Wheel
  • Wheelstand Pro with Aeron Chair hooked in
  • TrackIR 5.0 for head tracking
  • C-Table with wireless Mouse and Keyboard
I tried VR with a Vive early last year and simply couldn't accept the poor resolution after having a triple monitor setup. Sold the Vive and all of my gear to go back to a computer desk. Then late last year I got the itch to get back into sim racing, so I moved my bedroom TV into the living room (where most people keep their TVs) and hooked it up as an optional third monitor for my normal gaming rig. I turn on the TV, Windows sees I have a new primary display and adjusts the desktop accordingly. A couple of AHK scripts toggles the audio from one side of the desk to another (two 5.1 setups in here!). 

It's a bit unorthodox, but it's a nice way to double up a full sim rig with a working living room home theater setup. All I have to do is move the chair out of the way, drop the wheel to the floor by loosening the Wheelstand Pro, and I'm watching Netflix and chillin'!

[Image: wZlXTRk.png]
[Image: 3TNE9HV.png]
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (an Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
Smart setup , I see you're using AC , did you try I-racing too ? Any differences ?
(01-27-2018, 03:17 PM)Danilo Parlatano Wrote:  Smart setup , I see you're using AC ,  did you try I-racing too ? Any differences ?

[Image: newseat.png]

[Image: buttonbox2.jpg]
selfmade button box and H shifter (working great since 2004   my H shifter

selfmade loadcell pedals

[Image: pokus810.jpg]

and now tripple screen

[Image: tripple2.jpg]
Very interesting ideas here .. just pity that other sim racers are not joining here
I imagine about 20% of the SRS membership even knows there are forums, and of those maybe 20% actually checks them at all. I've been gathering on forums for whatever game I've been really into since 1995. I think it might be a lost art.
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (an Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
At least in SRS, you are introduced to the forums first to do the registration process... Regarding iRacing, it's hard to be as big as that for SRS, but it will eventually come IMO. If I stop SRS, I'm sure to go back iRacing, but I'd take the SRS forums anyday over iRacing forums... It's toxic there. The only good thing there is the full servers, at least to my liking. But the flaws are everywhere that it's too hard to ignore. Anyways, here's my RIG... It's a little messy with unfinished wheels lying around and plans on replacing the old ikea table with a proper rig.

[Image: 20170628_050115.jpg]

[Image: 20170628_050514.jpg]

Know the wheel? and Yes, that's iRacing's Mclaren MP4-30

On the right, the wheel that was finished but never used, integrated an android phone with SIM DASHBOARD App... Real nice app BTW
Here is my (very) modest contribution.   Switched from triple screen to VR, DIY wheel stand (obviously Tongue ), with a very comfortable seat for long sessions (I use it for Elite Dangerous too, HOTAS on the armchairs).

[Image: jynMozM.jpg]
Why not finish up the tubing mate? I watched a lot of youtube videos regarding that, they look good when finished. But takes a lot of space IMO..
that's the main reason : space (and i didn't find yet a seat that I like), and laziness too  Tongue
I guess I'll finish the whole thing when I'll move in my new apartment next summer (with a dedicated room for computer / simracing)

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