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Never Fear.....
Never Fear, Gav is Here!!   Big Grin

Hello world, I'm Gavin and I mostly go by the name of Chillisteak when it comes to online things like games etc.

I once played about with a YouTube channel, which I'll be returning to shortly.
I play these games to race, race cars. I don't really enjoy driving a road car if I wanted to do that I'd go out and drive my road car   Tongue

Other than that there ain't much else to tell, if you see me on track there's a chance I'll be recording it so be good  Wink
Awesome!! Nice to meet you Gavin Thomas ^^

I'll be sure to be remember that I am being filmed when playing on a server with you. Tongue
Skill is when Luck becomes Usual! Play Serious, but Fair and have Fun! Angel
Increase my city Transport! http://rawexity.myminicity.com/tra

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