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Club points (Like in iRacing)
In iRacing there is club points. It would be cool to have club points. With clubs i mean like Club Finland, Club Germany, Club Spain etc. And top 10 clubs.
Country flags were added today and there will be something related to this...
Great news!
National/World Championships on their way? Big Grin
easy ! for now only flags Big Grin
Nice addition tho :-)

its easy to show the flags on the leaderboards too? that would be cool.
Fu***** Avin'it!!!
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Club points is a gread idea!

Greetings from the Polish community simrace.pl
Co-founder Simrace.pl - Polish simracing community site | steam: lkriss2
I can't get these flags to work for me. Is the implementation complete?

Nothing happens on standings page, on Forum thread pages, or on my own Profile page.
Is it only on other page's flag that they become a link?
I see your flag here and on global rating tables, championship tables etc..
I noticed that around the time this national championship was added, a number of drivers registered with no flag and it looks like they've all been lumped into a second 'Norway' national championship. Yes, there are two Norways in the national standings (currently in 21st and 24th place).

'Fake' Norway:

There are also a bunch of drivers in that group with flags from other countries.

Just an FYI.
(08-19-2016, 10:20 PM)simracingsystem Wrote:  I see your flag here and on global rating tables, championship tables etc..
For some reason my country flag is not showing up on the standings list? Any idea how I can fix that please?

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