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GT2 America Series Spielberg 1:30.6

Pretty busy week changing a few things in life! So... sadly, I ran out of time to practise more for this very fun track. 1:29 is surely doable and I'm sure I can do it too in favorable weather... And my predictions are always bang on!  Big Grin  

Race pace at 1:31 even 32s will be fine for an hour long race. 1:30.6 is the best I can do for now on qualy trim and super softs. Two sets below. Race and Qualy. Race Trim uses medium tyres and will be easy to get into 31s. It will pit once adding only 1 liter of fuel... 

If too loose or sliding too much, add wings equally, front and back for more grip, but that slows the car too! If you can handle the mayhem, turn off Traction Control for faster lap times. 

See u guys on track! Cheers!

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I can't drive it as well as you, but my times were better then previous, thanks

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