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Elo rating
As far as I can tell the rating system works on a championship points kind of system.  This is great in terms of having a goal to place as high as possible within a series or overall but I see a few problems.
  • -  I think the beauty of official races like this are that they mean something in terms of points /rating.  The problem is that as you do more and more races, the risk / reward decreases drastically since series points are averaged.  If you've done 9 races in a series, whether you come first or last in the 10th means very little since it's all averaged out so your average score won't change much at all.
  • -    coming from an IRacing background I can tell you what keeps me motivated during a race is the loss or gain of ELO rating which gives a massive feeling of risk/reward each and every race, no matter how many races you've done that week.  You can gain or lose a lot of IRating in each race, which is significant because:
  •     each race is exciting because the stakes are high and it's great seeing your IRating getting a big boost for a top 3 finish
  • Having a high IRating is important because it means you get to challenge yourself against the better drivers in the higher splits
I think if in addition to your championship points you currently have, adding some kind of elo system would really complete the package.  I know in IRacing I'm not too bothered by where I am in the championship, but I'm borderline obsessed with my elo rating. lol.

Lastly just to congratulate you on a fantastic product, I have been so desiring to see a competitor to Iracing in one of the other sims whose handling I prefer and finally we have it. Thank you!
Wonderful post and idea, but I think that for now, normal rating here actually does that job, I wonder if they will/use something like the average colissions to do something like the safety rating, becouse slow people are destinated to race with wreckers
for people that have iracing account, it is normal to compare and have suggestions to improve the system.
don't forget that this is at is beginning and better than that, its FREE and uses simulators that you buy once and after that you can race every time!!!
Upgrade this system using the best of iracing its the obvious away for the developers (i'm guessing...), but the ideia of using a multi-game system (you play on the one(s) you have) online, all over the day, its brilliant!!!

lets promote this app so that money from adds support all the work this guys have and the system can grow up!

Of course this is brilliant, and free! its wonderful and the best i could imagine, but this subforum is a suggestion box, hes not critizising, only suggesting
I agree. Valuable insight from Brent
Great idea if it can be made possible! Smile
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