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Schedule impossible to attend
I am back after a couple year of absence, I would like to attend to some races but to my surprise the schedule makes it impossible to attend any race except for Saturday and Sunday. I tried changing my timezone but the same races show up, all of them land during business hours wich make it impossible for me to attend any during the week. Is there a solution to that? I have read in another post that there should be 4 blocks of 6 hours rotating but I seem to be stuck in one specific block.

Thank you!

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The season is ending, next season starts 25/12/2023.
The championship that fits your schedule is on Tuesdays 01:30 GMT, the GTP community race.

If you know/have a reasonable (at least 5) amount of people willing to race at different schedules let me know. I could set it up for the next season.

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