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New Assetto Corsa series starting December 12!!
me suggestion

gold medal for 1st, silver for 2nd and bronze for 3rd in championship
with current competitive level of srs, after few race week i always think "be champion is out of reach, i wont even bother trying, 2nd and 3rd standing mean nothing".
with hope motivated more people to show up consistently thru the season. fighting for something is always better than fighting for nothing.

just example
[Image: sssssssss.png]
(12-11-2022, 02:49 PM)Nikola Skrbic Wrote:  Biggest problem is low participation.
  1. Drivers should be able to mark their attendance for multiple races - it will remove those devastating ZEROS on the SRS races schedule screen.Drivers could also apply for races a day before, or couple of hours before the race and not wait last 10-15min - when people see that there is 1 or 2 drivers for the race they get discouraged to apply and now even though 10 or more people wanted to race they don't race at all just because initial number of drivers was low.
Great idea! That's why this was already added, like, months ago. In the app, select Race -> Week Schedule. You can register for as many races as you want in the next seven days. There was an official announcement and everything.
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When I started here, I shared the races with my brother and we helped each other, we learned from our mistakes.

What made us and makes us enjoy the races is not winning, it is the adrenaline of a start and the nerves of not making mistakes surrounded by cars for 20 minutes.

In this last year under participation, and boredom grew due to lack of incentives on the track, he turned the points per championship race into a silly incentive.
I see my stats on my profile and honestly I feel empty, and with much less good memories than in my first year.

At what point do we start to normalize running with 7 or 8 people. A change of the SRS model is needed for 2023,
as I said in the previous post, too many empty chairs and tables. A large restaurant at lunchtime empty does not generate confidence.

Who dares to come to eat in a small cozy and warm dining room, I invite you Wink
I am one of those guys that "left" SRS in the past year and rather race on other servers. I am only racing AC and i feel very connected to SRS as it is the place where i learned to love sim racing and helped me alot. I still look on the schedules here but rarely sign in.
In my perception alot of racers moved on and a core of fast and dedicated racers is still on SRS. The level of competition is high as ever at the top level but there are not enough midfielders and backmarkers, the ones the build the backbone of every race. There is indeed very little incentive for them (among them myself) to race at SRS. One needs goals to step up but those have to be in reach in a reasonable time window.

I fully agree that one has to "step up his racing and challenge", thing is, with the lack of participation, there are no steps available but only big leaps.
Taking myself as example, i have 245 races, 187 Top 10, 68 podiums, 6 wins, inc. avg 1.23. So where do i go from here? Championship is out of reach, another win pretty hard to achieve, another podium not attractive enough. I Am a talent free guy, i  train for races before i sign. Just jump in a car and race, well, that starts at 7secs off ,up to 15, that is out of question. I can do that on other "mickey mouse" servers. For me SRS was never a server where "i just sign in".
There is not enough competition for myself to cling, to rub myself on and eventually step up my racing.

IMHO we need more incentives that spark motivation to race.
Handys idea is very good: Stats for 2nd and 3rd place in a championship and maybe some digital silverware in the profile. Might sound silly but silly is what we do in the first place.

Maybe some kind of "rookie" series only for new racers (overall score, total races could be an easy criterion) to attract new sim racers. The winner  could get a prize provided by the community, something like a livery or some training from a fast driver.

Maybe 1 inc per race should be "for free".  The importance of the incs for the results is fundamental for SRS but has the downside, that it creates fear to go in a tough battle.

Maybe the championship point system should be changed. Take into account how many racers are in a race and/or take more than 1 result per week into account.

Maybe teams should be allowed/implemented. And with that, a team championship is possible. For example every team can only sign 2 drivers in for a race. We have many communities that can form teams and can "send" 2 drivers for a race to compete. I can imagine that would  be a ton of fun.
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I read everything.

- we need medals for 2nd and 3rd places in the profile. Profile stats like are motivating.

- we need an improved auto penalty system. Auto penalty for SRS - this is base. Like.. 1 inc=0 penalty, 2 inc=0 penalty, 3 inc = 6 penalty points, 4 inc = 9 penalty points... etc.

- users should share SRS content, invite friends. More likes and repost for SRS and streamers video!

ps I'm glad there are so many discussions. This means that this project is important to people.
I have my say:
The score should be calculated on the average of the results and not on the best score
Penalties for accidents could be:0-2 incidents no penalty; 3-4 accidents - x points;5-6 y points etc etc
Hi all,
Personally i am against the last rule implemented, for a number of reasons where already is spoken of. Also read a lot of good suggestions, also some a little less good. But what we need in the first place, otherwise we can discus what we want, is the one organizing SRS. He has offcourse done & still doing an amazing job, so hope he will enter this discussion and tells us what he thinks of all this and how he sees the future for SRS.
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