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New Assetto Corsa series starting December 12!!
New Assetto Corsa series starting December 12 !!

We are delighted to announce our new Assetto Corsa series!

Rule change - 3 championship points deduction per incindent is removed

Please note that we recently did 2 Rule changes
Minimum registered drivers for a race to be considered Official is now 5 instead of 6
5 races limit per week per championship is removed. You can race as much as you want and always get the best result.

Weekend Series (Saturdays & Sundays)

[Image: ClassicF170s.png] ClassicF170s (ferrari_312t,ks_lotus_72d) : 20:00 GMT 10 min Qualify + 20 min Race

Youtuber series

Some youtuber series will feature  10 mins qualy + 20 mins Race and others 20 min Qualy +  1 hour Race.

Euro youtubers

[Image: DonnyRS500_Rally.png] Donny, Plank & Slo Bros -Ford RS500 Rally - Mondays 20:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: RicochetLigierJS8S1.png] Ricochet Ligier JS8-S1 - Tuesdays 20:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: AussieStigRS01.png] Aussie Stig Renault RS01 - Thursdays 20:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins race)

America youtubers **

[Image: GTPPorscheGT4.png]  GTP Porsche Cayman GT4 - Thursdays 02:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: ProSimRacingOreca.png] Pro Sim Racing Oreca - Fridays 02:00 GMT (all 20 mins Qualy + 1 h Race)

Daily Series (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: Ferrari458GT2.png] Ferrari 458 GT2

[Image: GT3.png] GT3 (bmw_z4_gt3,ks_lamborghini_huracan_gt3,ks_mclaren_650_gt3,ks_mercedes_amg_gt3,ks_nissan_gtr_gt3,mclaren_mp412c_gt3,mercedes_sls_gt3,ks_audi_r8_lms,ks_ferrari_488_gt3,ks_porsche_911_gt3_r_2016)

[Image: Tatuus.png] tatuus

[Image: GinettaGT5.png] Ginetta GT5

Wednesday Series (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: Lotus25.png] Lotus 25

You can access the season details on the following link


** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesACDecember22.jpg]
What? Is the penalty for the incident removed?
Did I understand everything correcе? If yes - this is a terrible change.

Creo que se debería de replantear un cambio de formato de carreras en SRS, tener menos carreras, buscando mejorar la participación.

El formato carreras cada hora durante todo el día no funciona con poca gente.

Reduciría el día de 24h a 8h diarias. De 7 PM - 2AM. Todas las demás horas del día, la participación es nula. Si alguien entra a SRS en ese horario, lo único que ocurre es:

SRS no hay participación, no vuelvo y voy a decir a mis amigos que SRS está muerto. En cambio, si entro y veo claramente que las carreras son a partir de las 7PM voy a volver a entrar para ver si hay participación a esa hora.

Y si la hay, las cosas pueden empezar a cambiar poco a poco.

Por favor SRS necesita un reajuste de formato pasar de 24 horas a 8h en Horario donde se mantenga las 2PM horario bueno para América, pero focalizado en el horario donde hay más participación.

Y eliminar para siempre las carreras de horario que no hay nunca nadie y solo da mala publicidad del servicio.

Le tengo mucho aprecio a la plataforma, por favor vamos a intentar hacer algo para incentivar la participación, no es suficiente con solo poner series más populares y atractivas.

I think that a change in the format of the races in SRS should be reconsidered, having fewer races, seeking to improve participation.

The format races every hour throughout the day does not work with few people.

It would reduce the day from 24 hours to 8 hours a day. From 7 PM - 2 AM. All other hours of the day, participation is nil. If someone enters SRS at that time, the only thing that happens is:

SRS no participation, I'm not coming back and I'm going to tell my friends that SRS is dead. On the other hand, if I go in and I see clearly that the races are starting at 7PM, I will go back in to see if there is participation at that time.

And if there is, things can start to change little by little.

Please, SRS needs a readjustment of the format to go from 24 hours to 8 hours in hours where 2PM is maintained, a good time for America, but focused on the hours where there is more participation.

And eliminate forever the time races that there is never anyone and it only gives bad publicity for the service.
I really appreciate the platform, please let's try to do something to encourage participation, it's not enough to just put more popular and attractive series.
Sorry for my English.
But we need a compromise on incident penalties.

As I understand it, the point is that "random" incidents should do not affect the fight for the top position in the championship?

Then we can use something like...:
1 inc = 0 points, 2 inc = 3 points, penalty only for even numbers. looks like a compromise.
Or just 2 first inc are not doesn't give you a penalty. And then - the old system, 3 inc=9 points e.tc (probably easier to make this i think)

The auto penalty system is very important.
I also think that penalties are important or we might get unfair races. I understand we can make reports but people will race closer to other cars and sometimes a small touch can send another car off the track.
Maybe no points to 1 incident, -1 to 2 incidents, and then -3, -5, -7...
It could penalize more but only if it was posible to penalize only the one that caused the incident.
Maybe the reason why SRS has much less people in the races, than it had in the past, is also that are more games other than Assetto Corsa: Assetto Corsa competizione, automobilista 2....
May be driver's incident rate should be taken into account. I understand this could be difficult to implement, but something like the higher the (incident) rating, the higher the punishment for race incidents.

This way, drivers take care for their incident rating, thus try to reduce it minimizing incidents in races.

Also, cleaner drivers, get awarded due to their better incident rating
It seems irrelevant to me to be discussing championship points right now, when the fastest will continue to win it, whatever the score.

I think there are more important things right now, or do you want to keep running alone.
SRS or renew or Die.
After having driven 835 races here on SRS, a decent amount of which were with zero incidents, it is a little frustrating the incident average never seems to decrease. It seems there is little reward for driving cleanly and staying out of trouble. 835 races represents quite a few years here, in that time, my average has almost never been under 2 no matter how cleanly I drive. Not sure what effect the new rule change will have though, maybe we could look at rewarding clean driving with bonus points or a more significant reduction in incident rating points? 

I do think we as a community of drivers here on SRS could and should do more to attract new drivers to the servers. It doesn't need to be a give away either. Even good old fashioned promotion can reach many on social media. Henrique has done a great job in creating somewhere for anyone to race free of charge whenever they like, if all of us who participate and enjoy racing here would spend a few minutes a week posting about and promoting SRS, I am sure we could attract new drivers and re-engage with those who have gone elsewhere. Just my 2¢ mate. Cheers AussieStig
And how are we supposed to promote SRS, saying that it has races every hour, when it is not true.
You have to reduce that format, and adjust it to reality.
Only if you start with a reduced and realistic format adjusted to the people that we are, then it could start to grow even a little.
I know of other platforms that make readjustments in their series,
for example in hourly series they didn't have people, and they put it every 2H and increased participation.
you have to try things until you find what really works.
I really don't understand the backlash here. We've seen over the years that the people causing the most mayhem in races are the ones who already didn't care about championship points, and the people most hurt by the championship point penalty have been the ones trying to race cleanly who either had incidental contact or were hit by worse drivers. There's more that could be done to impose appropriate in-the-moment consequences for bad driving, and maybe in the future we'll see some of the things that have already been tested. But, as ever, this change is based on the past few years of actual experience running this site, not a snap decision. I for one think this is a step in the right direction, and appreciate the continuing efforts to improve the platform.

A platform which — as it seems we must repeatedly remind ourselves — was devised, implemented, provided, and maintained for this community mostly by the efforts of a solitary individual, and at no cost to its members.
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