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New Automobilista 2 Championships starting July 10th!
New Automobilista 2 starting July 10 !!

We are delighted to announce our new Automobilista 2 series:

[Image: ams2.png]

Saturday Series (12 mins Qualy + 20 min Race )

[Image: GT3AMS2.png] GT3  - Saturdays 00:00 GMT

[Image: SprintRaceRTW.png] Sprint Car with Real Time and Weather - Saturdays 18:00 GMT

You can access the season details on the race page

Remember to add a check mark on the Automobilista 2 item to allow you to see the races on the race page.
Click here to add Automobilista 2 on your profile

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesAMS2June21.jpg]
I'll be doing the Sprint Car races and be streaming it (followed by the 70s F1 AC race too). I like the Sprint Car quite a bit, its a nice car for all skill levels to try and should make for some fun racing. It has a really unique, metallic sounding clank when it upshifts, its difficult to explain but I just love how that sounds. The real weather should also add some extra fun to these races too hopefully. I'll try and make a dedicated thread in the forums for that series later today or sometime tomorrow, to try and encourage people to take part.

If you haven't tried AMS2 in a few months then I would highly recommend giving it a try again. The 1.2 patch that came out a few weeks ago made some significant improvements to the game overall, where it transformed some weird handling cars into something much more enjoyable and addictive to drive (the Porsche Cup 3.8 car is a great example, it used to be a nightmare to drive but I tested it yesterday and now it is awesome). It is still on sale on steam for the next 29 hours for only €18.50 for the base game, which I think is a great price to give it a go if you don't own it already. Neither of these championship's use the DLC too, so you should be able to do all 6 weeks with no fuss if you only own the base game.
I’ll join you Donny!!
Shaun Clarke Racing team.

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