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New Assetto Corsa championships starting March 22!
(03-22-2021, 05:40 PM)Max Bechtold Wrote:  @Fabio Borghino, how did youi solve the performance issues?

1.In assetto corsa video settings I put at minimum shadows and world details
a little less fancy but when I race I'm focused on the cars close to mine and I don't care too much about trees,fire trucks and such things besides the track

2.I got rid of rear mirrors too.....
as a matter of  fact I never look at them since I use helicorsa which is MUCH MORE effective for realizing where your opponents are....it took me some practice to get used to but now my incidents rate dropped down drastically

3.I edited the mod skins with photoshop and lowered the resolution to 1024x1024

4.I remembered to overclock my video card before joining the server  Big Grin  which I didn't when I tried the mod offline

I also tweaked my CSP settings but this is too much to describe here,I can give you my .ini file if you want to so you can give it a try
@Fabio Borghino thanks I'll try your hints
(03-21-2021, 06:35 PM)Francisco Viejo Wrote:  hi, first i apologize for my ignorance, but i have a problem with btcc; I have tried to enter practice, it loads the circuit, but when load the vehicle it stops and returns me to the car and track selection screen. I'm looking forward to that championship and I want to train, but I can't find a solution, if someone can help me I would appreciate it (I think the problem has to do with the "fonts" folder).
I had the same issue and I found out the the AC Content Manager I was using did not copy the shaders from the archive. So maybe check the the zip once more and see if you got those.
thank you, luckily I got it solved and I'm already enjoying those beasts, thanks again
Nobody did the calendar spreadsheet so I set it up myself:

Anywane could calculate the effettive power and torque peak values for the dtm90 series with the restrction parameters? (Alfa 25% bmw15% Mercedes 15%)

Thank you!!
Hello everyone, I have a question, in the Algarve international circuit (RSS F3 championship) I can't activate the DRS at any point. Is DRS disabled for everyone or is it just my problem?
Me neither, I think it is disabled
Schedule is showing both the ACC America Race and the ProSimRacing Ginetta GT4 happening at the same time on the same day. In my time zone (Pacific Daylight Time)- that is Apr 22nd at 1800. Normally, the ACC race is the day before (tonite) the PSR YouTuber race. (Edit Note: ACC SRS App shows correct time for the ACC Laguna Seca race tonite).

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