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New Assetto Corsa Competizione championships starting March 17th!
New Assetto Corsa Competizione series starting March 17th!

We are delighted to announce the new Assetto Corsa Competizione championships!

We will provide 2 championships with 20 min Qualy + 1 h races for Euro and America regions, hosted by youtubers:

[Image: ACCGTWCEuro.png] GT World Challenge Euro - Wednesdays 20:00 GMT - Hosted by Random CallSign, Aussie Stig, James Tumilty & Mr Watton

[Image: ACCGTWCAmerica.png] GT World Challenge America - Thursdays 02:00 GMT - Hosted by Prosimracing, Zerobandwidth & GTP

AND a Porsche GT3 Cup with real time and weathe enabled on Sundays!

[Image: ACCPorscheGT3CupRTW.png] Porsche GT3 Cup (Real Time & Weather) - Sundays 20:00 GMT

Fuel consumption:100%, Tyre wear:100%
Mandatory pitstop: at least 1 L refuel

Weekend Series ( 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: ACCGT4.png] GT4 - 18:00 GMT Hosted by Mr Watton, Aussie Stig, James Tumilty

You can access the season details on the race page

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesACCMar21.jpg]
Can't wait for the next races!
I hope GT4's getting some more love and racers.
Yes !!

A 1 hour race with weather and time.
Does it mean European events of Porsche Cup are going to be night races? I'm really curious to join some of them!
(03-14-2021, 08:47 PM)Andrea┬áPiovanelli Wrote:  Does it mean European events of Porsche Cup are going to be night races? I'm really curious to join some of them!
Last time we had this the start time was 13:00 GMT, so I think you will find that the European races will be daylight, but I think the races at Suzuka and Mount Panorama will be night time.
real time & weather means that the server race hour is converted to the track local time & weather from forecast 5 mins before the race.

ex: Spa (Belgium GMT+1) 20:00 GMT => 21:00 GMT+1. Race hour set on the server is 21:00
Suzuka (japan GMT+9) 20:00 GMT => 05:00 GMT+9. Race hour set on the server is 05:00
This is amazing real time and weather!! Yess!! I definitely want to join that Big Grin Thank you!!
That's good news, thanks admin!
We need to check weather forecast to see if it's raining or not and practice accordingly.

Edit: apparently, temperature is going to be around 8┬░C, cloudy but dry. It may change, Sunday is still far from now...
Nice! Let's see if I can hop in tonight.
Sadly, I can't be into the race tonight.
I started a general thread for Porsche Cup, I felt it was needed because of the particular nature (real weather) of the series.

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