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New AC Series starting February 12!
Also looking at the details it appears that all of the youtuber races are 20 minute races, not 1 hour races as shown in the original post. I don't think the track for the first week are the same either. As someone who loathes pit stops and likes 20 minute races, I am hoping that the race details page is actually the authority on what they will actually be. Big Grin
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Bit disappointed in the track selection if Im honest, too many good tracks being left out. Goodwood ,donington1938 and thruxton would of been good in the lotus 25 instead of nurb gp,imola and spa imo. Goodwood definitely needs to be raced, especially as last seasons race there didn't run, great track, hats off to mantis Smile

Monday nights tracks seem to be roughly the same every season too. I know you dont use ripped content but there's so many more good mod tracks than okayama, paul ricard etc. they seem to appear every season, along with the nurb gp, imola spa etc.

what about cadwell park, croft, bridgehampton, BATHURST(can someone tell me if this is ripped, it's on RD so I thought was legit)tor poznan. I'm sure there's more people can add.

Another thing i though that could be good would be hill climb event. A 24/7 server with a different stage like transfagarren, pikes peak etc where people can fight for fastest run in a certain car, thoughts?

On a high note looking forward to having my rating raped in the mp4/4 although not keen on any of the tracks, donington gp would of been great to race in this, best lap of gp history in that car at that track.

One last thing, I see people have talked about donations, I've always wondered why there isn't a donate button, people collect money from mods which I think is a good thing, keeps people interested on what they're doing and shows appreciation, I would definitely chip in if there was a means.
Hi guys! 
Somebody knows if the Mp 4/4 car it's the same that could be downloaded from Racedepartment? Its size is 2GB after unzip it!!
Woohoo!!! More 90s DTM. YAY! I'm guessing it was pretty popular for this current season.

Also looking forward to the "death trap" classic F1 car.
Which cars are there going to be at Wednesday's GT3?
BMW Z4, Mercedes SLS AMG and the McLaren MP4 12 C?
(02-10-2018, 08:13 PM)Gavin Ranson Wrote:  Bit disappointed in the track selection...

I agree with you Gavin, while cars seems to cover a wide variety and changes often, those tracks feels kinda repetitive, specially the ones that had been ingame since ever, like spa.

Also I would advocate for INTERLAGOS to be included, top quality mod scartch made awesome technical mixed layout!

By the way, laguna seca is going to be kunos version?

"If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himslef."
- Ferdinand Porsche
I agree about more tracks being used.

Spa, Monza, Nurburging, Imola, Brands, etc  get a little boring after the 1000th time you drive on them. There are so many good scratch made tracks that are still out there. There are some that are used already (Donington, Paul Ricard, Okoyama...) which is great.

You guys seem very happy to race mod cars (only 2 this season) as said before. With the cars, they take a long time to learn and perfect with setups, but tracks get boring quite fast if there isn't a wide variety. Maybe splitting the 6 series tracks with 3 official and 3 modded?

I am happy with the car selection this season. A good variety there in the daily series cars and the others have some interesting cars too, I just hope there are some sweet new tracks to drive them on.

**I do also understand that the more mod tracks that are added, the more difficult it is for new drivers who have to keep installing things each week which can put them off driving here....Tough to know what to do.
People complain they want more vanilla content.
People complain they want more modded content.
+1 for different tracks, and for more info about the series in the schedule tab.

anyway this season looks promising, car selection is nice, and 1h race for the 20gmt is good, specially for cars harder to drive.. with the 10/20 the qualys were a mess because most of the drivers didn't do any practice and spun every second, and without 100% grip it was a nightmare to even do a clean lap, and the races were the same, eveyone wanted to pass at start / t1 .

did some laps with the daily cars
the Lotus 25 isn't hard to control, but very hard to master, a good way to increase your incident ratio, if you think you have it too low.
the TT will make very close races, very good for rookies.
the Lambo is a normal gt car, nothing to say.
(02-10-2018, 02:53 PM)Stefano Zanella Wrote:  anyway, Lotus 25 as "newbie" series,  every t1 Confused

+1, very bad choice if we look at it as newbie series

oh and there is a mistake in upcomingseries site, where RSR Asia is showing 3:00GMT instead of 15:00GMT

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