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New Assetto Corsa Series starting December 3rd!!
isn't the Exos a f1?
amazing series list, well rounded out, I think
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th Lotus 25 2018, 4th DRM 2019, 5th ASR Williams FW14 vs. Ferrari 643 2019
Group C without rating? that will be very exciting.
Not easy to drive on these track.
But I am very happy with it.
Great series after the Ferrari 330 P4 Cool
(12-02-2018, 06:39 PM)simracingsystem Wrote:  isn't the Exos a f1?

Hi, yes I guess you are right Smile

I guess I was being greedy and hoping for one of the Ferrari F1's.    Also unfortunately I'm often at work that one evening.

So it means I'll have to wait another 6 weeks and hope the F1's come on again over a weekend perhaps... ;Wink
I think there is a problem with the race of AUSSIESTIG on Thursday. 
In the vehicle selection comes the Ferrari 312T and not the Ginetta Huh Huh
so new season no so lucky, RUF is in bad times so i am not at home or it is too late at night (after midnight) so i didn my 1st race in it and other series attract people withoud good skill if i can say it politely, so only been crashed many times per race (no aplologies ATM) so only losing overal points,since new season start Sad
(Ford GT40, Audi TT)
(11-30-2018, 09:47 PM)simracingsystem ¡ Wrote:  Nueva serie de Assetto Corsa a partir del 3 de diciembre!

¡Estamos encantados de anunciar la nueva serie de Assetto Corsa!

Serie diaria de 1 hora
Continuaremos brindando campeonatos para diferentes regiones y con un nuevo campeonato en América del Sur:
  • GT2 America: 03:00 GMT
  • GT2 Asia: 15:00 GMT
  • GT2 Euro: 21:00 GMT
  • GT2SouthAmerica: 00:00 GMT (viernes y sábados)
Consumo de combustible: 200%, Desgaste de los neumáticos: 170% y ventana de foso 00:10 - 00:50.
Coche: BMW M3 GT2, Ferrari 458 GT2.

Series de Youtuber
Algunas series de youtuber presentarán una o más rondas con 20 minutos de carrera calificada + 1 hora.

Euro youtubers
  • Lunes - Homed Simracing - Ford GT40
  • Martes - Callsign aleatorio - Ford RS500 DTM (1 hora de carrera 2018-12-18 sprint en Nurburgring)
  • Miércoles - Gamer Muscle -Lotus Exos 125
  • Jueves - Aussie Stig - Ginetta G55 GT4 (1 hora de carrera 2018-12-13 Nordschleife)

Youtubers de américa **
  • Martes y miércoles - Sim-Force vs Sim Enthusiast - Ferrari SF70H
  • Jueves - Sim Racing Paddock - Lotus 72D y Ferrari 312T
  • Viernes y sábados - The Simpit - Porsche Cayman GT4 (Todas las carreras 1h)
  • Domingos - Sim Racing Revolution - Lotus 3 Eleven
20 min series diarias
  • Audi TT Cup
  • Tatuus
  • RUF Yellowbird
Fin de semana 20 min Series
  • Grupo C con todos los autos disponibles (Porsche 962c longtail, Porsche 962c shorttail, Mercedes c9, Mazda 787b)
Puede acceder a los detalles de la temporada en el siguiente enlace

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesACDecember18.jpg]
Hola a todos alguien podría indicar los pasos a seguir para poder inscribirte en las carreras y disfrutar de este magnífico año corriendo limpiamente junto a ustedes un saludo y muchas gracias a todos.

Puede estar en el lugar correcto para hacer una pregunta.

Un saludo y gracias de antemano.
You have a manual in the forum. Assetto Corsa Apps
(12-03-2018, 04:49 PM)Alain Kohler Wrote:  I think there is a problem with the race of AUSSIESTIG on Thursday. 
In the vehicle selection comes the Ferrari 312T and not the Ginetta Huh Huh

I have a similar issue, except mine says BMW M3 GT2, and also states content is missing, but I have both the Ginetta GT4 and of course the M3 GT2 anyway.
should be working now

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