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Seat Tcr
(04-05-2018, 03:45 PM)Mark Puc Wrote:  
(04-05-2018, 03:17 PM)Michael Martin Wrote:  Will we really be doing 100 laps? I'm well off the pace in that case Sad
I do believe that tyres won't make the distance.

*Remember to download the new car
Oops my bad mate, meant to say 60 laps Race pace should be around 58 seconds per lap.  So we will need fuel for 60 + laps not sure how much the tank physically holds. 

Cheers, AussieStig

If i remember correctly, it was 63 liters and it was just shy of making it.
totaly boring race, in Q only 1,3s mean 18th place , on start i little lost grond and then stuck at end with no room to overtake, at half of the race i go to pits and hope to gain a little but, tyres was changed fast but 30l of fuel was 1 munute (at station in my city it is a lot faster) so lost whole lap , in race i sawe only 2 other cars in pits to 1 hour thrown i trashbin, (and lost overal points too for this effort)
Quite exhausting, but great race.
just a disappointment to drive behind someone who´s cutting (went wide on purpose) the last turn 30 from 60 laps ( just tested offline -0.2/ Lap)
So no grats to the winner, but grats to the rest of the grid :-)
Should be banned, rly
Also, not everyone did a Pitstop.
Neverthless good fun, see you next time :-)
First 30 minutes of the race was brilliant, lots of close action. The 15 minutes after that were good with AussieStig and Paul Hirogoyen hot on my tail, keeping me alert. Then I went wide into the sand and spent the last 15 minutes driving alone, bored out of my skull...

Didn't need a pitstop as it turned out not to be mandatory and the tires were fine at the end (apart from the front left). Glad the fuel tank was big enough because I did a pitstop test in qualy and noticed that they must have been siphoning the petrol in via an IV drip Big Grin
What a boring race,

and some shocking driving - my last race in this series I'm afraid
Didn't know fuel wasn't locked to 20 litres anymore like last week and lost close to 90 seconds refueling this thing lol
My first day on SRS, fun car and fun track. Started p3 in race 3 and won with some nice battles at the start of the race. But..... blue flags are totally ignored, there was even a backmarker that started over defending and tried to drive me of the road, hopefully that's not the standard racing on SRS
Really disappointed overall with this race. Josh Martin has every right to be ticked off with how he got hit from behind at the last corner. If you guys would like to see another 1 hour race in this or any of my upcoming series, let me know your thoughts on pitstops. My opinion is if there is a pitstop allowed in the race, it should be mandatory. The SEATs are too closely matched to allow for a pitstop and not lose track position. The time it takes to add 30 litres was indeed ridiculous. If it is a mandatory stop, everyone has the same time spent in the pits, to the handful of guys that pitted I am sorry if you lost track position.

For now I wont do another 1 hour race without everyone having to pit as opposed to throwing 80 litres in the tank and not stopping for an hour.

Cheers, AussieStig
A lot of people dropped from the server. Lost race and a lot of points less because of a system failure. Epic fail.  Angry
It was indeed confusing to see Eero behind me at one point as he's always lightyears ahead of me Smile

I do like having the five 20min races and one 1hr race in a series as it challenges various abilities of a driver. But I do think that a pitstop needs to be mandatory to break things up a little and add an element of strategy. Maybe also have the fuel and tire wear rates increased as well like the 911 GT1 series has at the moment so that the pitstop isn't just "add 1l of fuel and go"

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