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New Assetto Corsa series starting April 20!
New Assetto Corsa series starting April 20!

We are delighted to announce our new partner who will be awarding all top 3 from our new Assetto Corsa series:

Gamivo https://www.gamivo.com

"A revolutionary marketplace for digital products run by gamers for gamers!"

Many of our users already know Gamivo and have used their services over the years.
For those who don't know Gamivo, go now and register! and don't forget to check out for the best deals on racing sims & software, some already out there on the banners of our website.

Gamivo will award the top3 drivers on all our Assetto Corsa series with Gamivo credits that can be spent on any product they sell.
Since there is a lot of creativity at SRS, Gamivo will also award the 2 best screenshots of skins that contain both Gamivo and SRS logos.

Start working on those skins and posting screenshots!

More info about the prizes and conditions at the bottom of this post.

1 hour Daily Series

We will continue to provide championships for different regions:

[Image: DTM90America.png] DTM90 America: 01:00 GMT only on Saturdays & Sundays

[Image: DTM90Asia.png] DTM90 Asia: 14:00 GMT

[Image: DTM90Euro.png] DTM90 Euro: 20:00 GMT

Fuel consumption: 150% (except Nordschleife 100%), Tyre wear: 170% & pit window 00:10 - 00:50.
Cars: DTM 90s cars from Kunos (ks_alfa_romeo_155_v6,bmw_m3_e30_dtm,ks_mercedes_190_evo2)
BOP (% Restrictor): 25, 15, 15
BOP (% Ballats): 20, 15, 5

Youtuber series

Some youtuber series will feature 10 mins qualy + 20 mins Race and others 20 min Qualy + 1 hour Race.

Euro youtubers

[Image: AussieStigCaterhamAcademy.png] Aussie Caterham Academy - Thursdays 19:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

America youtubers **

[Image: JeanvsZeroBandWidthBMWGT2.png] Jean vs ZeroBandWidth BMW GT2 - Tuesdays 01:00 GMT (all 20 mins Qualy + 1 h Race)
[Image: 2Old4ForzavsGTPSkoda130RS.png] 2Old4Forza vs GTP Huracan Skoda 130RS - Wednesdays 01:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: ProSimRacingMazdaRX7.png] Pro sim Racing / The Sim Pit - Mazda RX7 - Fridays 01:00 GMT (all 20 mins Qualy + 1 h Race)

Daily Series (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: C6R.png] Corvette C6R

[Image: Tatuus.png] Tatuus

[Image: TipoCompetizione.png] Fiat Tipo Competizione

Mondays (10 mins Qualy + 20 min Race )

[Image: ARCGT.png] VRC ARC GT Chevrette 19:00 GMT

Tuesdays (10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: RufRT12AWD.png] Ruf RT 12 R AWD 19:00 GMT

Wednesdays (10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: FerrariSF70H.png] Ferrari SF70H 19:00 GMT

Weekends (10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: Lotus98T.png] Lotus 98T 19:00 GMT

Top 3 on the standings table at the end of the season

Championships: DTM90 Euro, DTM90 Asia, DTM90 America, C6R, tatuus & Fiat Tipo Competizione
  • 1st Position - 20 EUR*
  • 2nd Position - 10 EUR*
  • 3rd Position - 6 EUR*

Championships: VRC ARC-GT, Jean vs ZeroBandWidth BMW GT2, Ruf RT 12 R AWD, 2Old4Forza vs GTP Huracan Skoda 130RS, Ferrari SF70H, Aussie Caterham Academy, Pro sim Racing / The Sim Pit - Mazda RX7, Lotus 98T 19:00 GMT
  • 1st Position - 10 EUR*
  • 2nd Position - 6 EUR*
  • 3rd Position - 3 EUR*

Screenshot contest
Users will post on Twitter and facebook their screenshots, taken in a racing environment (no showrooms), with their own skins made for the SRS championships mentioned on this announcement.

Skins must contain both Gamivo and SRS logos, SRS username visible somewhere in the image (can be an overlay) and the posts must have the following hashtags:
#gamivo #simracingsystem #2020s3

Best Twitter screenshot - 6,5 EUR*
Best Facebook screenshot - 6,5 EUR*

*Values converted to Gamivo credits. A valid Gamivo account is required to receive the mentioned prizes.

You can access the season details on the following link

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesACApril20.jpg]

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