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Championship format penalizes participation
Hi guys,

So lately I've been getting a lot more into series championships and stuff, and I can't understand why the scoring system was designed like it is. For those who don't know, it works like this: your championship score for each race of the series will be your best score out of your first 5 races each week (for example, if you race 3 times the same week, and you obtain 54, 76 and 102 as results, 102 will be your score for the championship); BUT, if you race more than 5 times on the same week, your championship score will be the average score of all your races in that circuit, what inevitably leads to a worse score for the championship than you'd had if you had not keep racing.

So, for the benefit of your championship's score, the best option is to just have "five attempts" and then stop racing until the next week, which contributes to the lack of drivers joining races during the week. Would not it be better to just stick to the best score of each driver? I mean, if the problem is the "grinding" that someone could do to achieve higher scores, that's already possible at the moment: you just have to join a race at 6 or 7 AM with a few friends (the minimum of 6 drivers is ridiculous, as during the day some series have several servers) and just have a good time and score some points. Furthermore, that "grinding" would be perfect to fill servers with drivers trying to improve their scores all over the week.

To sum up, I think that the average scoring system that takes place after you've joined 5+ races is pointless and leads to have less drivers on the track & in SRS in general.

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Championship format penalizes participation - by Rubén Laguna Mengíbar - 04-16-2019, 01:49 AM

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