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R3E dead?
(09-15-2018, 11:36 AM)Lorenzo Andalò Wrote:  
(09-14-2018, 09:57 PM)Pierre Caillet Wrote:  What was wrong with AC ?

Some things, surely a couple related to just bad luck: I race in VR and in AC is really not good, mirrors are utterly useless, and visually is worse than Raceroom, more blury, even messing with the settings
FFB aswell didn't felt good at all, at least on my super-cheap T150: wasn't able to find a way to make it behave somewhat convincing (not enough options fot the FFB settings?) it just went from clipping like crazy to no force in it at all, no inbetween, plus there are big differences from car to car: Mazda (from last season) felt quite ok, Toyota not really, the Maseraty was just terrible, no FFB at all from corner entry, to corner exit... it's a matter of habit aswell, sure, but R3E feels a lot better to me, and it felt better even the first time I played it...
Netcode and car contact detection is what really threw me off: in R3E you can rub for 20 minutes with your opponent with no consecuences for both cars handling, fighting hard but still fair for position (with slow cars especially, on some tracks, can be the only way to make a pass) and finish the race with 0 incs. because the game is capable of telling what are the light contacts that causes no issues and what are actual crashes (plus if you get hit even heavely in the back, you get no inc point if you dont run into anything else, while the rammer does)... don't really need to tell you what AC does when 2 cars touch... and the problem is also understanding how not to hit eachother where the ping of one of the 2 is not more then optimal...
In the end, and hopefully this was just bad luck, I didn't got overtaken cleanly once: instant bump and run looks like the only way people know to make a pass in the servers I ended up (top splits BTW), like I wasn't even holding them up for entire laps, they just caught up and as soon as they were close enough, BANG, see ya'... even crashing themselves often... with all the cars I tried... and general poor moves that is hard to see even on the bottom of a GT3 field in R3E...

I'm not hating on AC or what, tried to explain what were my personal issues with it, so AC fanboys, don't take this too bad: I'm sure AC does a lot of other things way better then R3E (starting from the price for example), I just wasn't able to enjoy them like I enjoy R3E...

And may I suggest anyone playing AC on SRS to give R3E a try during the next week, free car scheduled on a free track, this mean that you just have to download the game for free on Steam, download SRS app for R3E and you are good to go... I'm genuely curios to know what your impressions might be doing the opposite path, jumping on R3E as an AC player, maybe you will agree on something, maybe you will make me notice something I missed, making me want to give AC another try, maybe you will want to give R3E more attention... who can tell...

I agree with most of your sentiments - racing AC (without VR) I also felt my wheel's feedback was "spongy", and I also found issues with throttle control. R3E (and RF2) feels far better to me in all these aspects, both online and single user. Also agree about online driving in AC - definitely felt some drivers were a little uh, over aggressive  Dodgy 

My issues with R3E are all around cost - no free tracks/cars here! The base package gives you a minimal set of tracks and cars, but from then on it's pay all the way  Confused . Having now paid for quite a few of the R3E tracks/cars, and for what it's worth, I fully support your call for more R3E drivers Smile

Cheers  Cool

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