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20 or more incs per Race award 3 day suspension
Any chance of reducing that to 10 incidents?

That would probably have a much better effect at encouraging clean racing. If we want the sim racing community to garner more respect, it needs to foster an environment that puts clean racing and finishing a race (especially endurance races) over and above winning.

Real racing is about keeping your car running and self preservation (i.e. not dying or being severely injured). If we want sim racing to mimic real life racing, then the same consequences need to be enforced. Safety and clean racing need to be advocated above all else. Real life is all about car and self preservation. Yes, there is a certain sense of drive to win, but there needs to be a higher price to pay for screwing up.

Right now, SRS is way too lenient on dirty/careless racing.

Clean > Consistent > Fast = that should be the order of prioritization. More points for clean racing, followed by a lower standard deviation between racing laps, followed by actual speed. True speed is a measure of ability stacked with consequences for screwing up. The current system has very little punishment/consequences for being sloppy/ dirty/ careless. That needs to change for the sim racing community as a whole if we want any sort of real life racing recognition/respect.

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