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20 or more incs per Race award 3 day suspension
SRS has a restriction regarding the number of allowed incs per race.
This restriction has always been active and set to 20 incs, giving a 3 days suspension to every driver who equals or exceeds 20 incs. It has been unnoticed because usually drivers who exceeded this value would be suspended or banned anyway.

With circuits like Macau, it can be very easy to reach that number by making contacts with the walls.
If you are not certain you are prepared to do a race, don't do it, else you might find yourself automatically suspended.

Although the rules state 1 week suspension, it has been set to 3 days.
In the future there will be a several inc limits and suspension times.

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20 or more incs per Race award 3 day suspension - by simracingsystem - 03-12-2018, 10:04 AM

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