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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Hi guys,
I've been here for a while, and I noticed that some questions come over and over again, so I decided finally to sit and dedicate some time to work on a FAQ document that newbies (and not so) can refer to. There is still a lot to add, but it is quite "functional" so far, so time has come for it to see the light.
I picture this showing along in the SRS dropdown menu, although it will need some updating with time.
So here it is. Should you have any other input to this document, please leave an educated reply. I wonder whether I'll be able to modify and update the doc, but it should be useful by itself centralizing a lot of useful information. So there be it!


Unofficial Sim Racing System Frequently Asked Questions
Last update: January 2018

*** System administration

What is SRS?
SRS stands for Sim Racing System, a personal and private effort to build an automated system that allows simdrivers from all around the planet to drive together. The system provides servers and events 24/7, as well as a rating system in order to match drivers regarding their skills and racing cleanness. Almost completely automated, SRS provides also a broadcasting system into Youtube.

How much do I have to pay for SRS?
SRS is provided for free.

How do I join SRS?
You can find the joining instructions at:

How must my login name be as I join?
You must enter your real name and keep a blank space between name and last name.

How do I join a race?
Providing you already installed the appropiate app for your selected simulator, open the SRS plugin and click on race. There you will see all incoming races in the next hours. Click on «register» in order to register for the race. There you will get to choose a livery for your car.
Once registered, you will get a list of all the registered drivers, their ratings and their liveries. A countdown will display the remaining time until the event and a button will be labelled «Quit». Should you click on it, you will unregister. You can register again.
When the countdown reaches five minutes, the button will be labelled «Please wait». Registering is finished.
When the countdown reaches three minutes, the label will change to «join». Click the button to join the race. Should it not work, reload the page by clicking «Race» and try again.

How are races in SRS?
All races follow a common structure: brief practice (3 min), qualifying and the race itself.
Usually races have a 20 minute duration. In that case, qualifying will last 10 minutes. There are also longer races (1h), which have a longer (20 minutes) qualifying session and usually have a mandatory pitstop.

What do I have to fulfill a mandatory pitstop?
You have to, at least, completely stop at your garage spot and either change tyres or add at least 1 liter of fuel.

I registered for a race but I have to do something instead now. What happens?
If you registered, you have to complete at least three full laps before retiring. Otherwise you will be penalized.

Session got stuck between qualifying and race. What now?
It has happened sometimes that the session has got stuck between qualifying and race. Qualifying session will be over but race fails to come. This has happened also between practice and qualifying. It is rare but may happen. In those cases, keep cool and wait a few minutes. It has always ended by going on.

What is a livery?
A livery is a skin; a collection of graphics showing on a car. You can choose one of the default liveries or make your own and upload it using the SRS skin app.

Can I choose other drivers liveries?
Although the system will technically allow you, we recommend you to contact the author in case you want to use his/her livery. You can contact other drivers via the internal SRS communication system.

Where can I find further info?
You may try at the SRS forum:

Is there a search function for the forum?
Yes, though hidden. You can find it here:

*** Regulation

You can find the official regulation at:

What is to be expected from me as an SRS driver?
You are expected to be clean and respectful and drive as you would in a real race.

What do I do if I see a blue flag?
Blue flags indicate that a faster driver is reaching you ready to overlap. In that event, remain predictive and allow the other driver to pass by as soon as you can, so that he/she loses the minumum time and so that risks are reduced to the minimum.

How does the rating system work?
The rating system takes into account both the position you finish in and the number of so-called incidents you had during the race. Points are awarded for every position and points are taken for every incident. The system takes these variables into account and calculates your rating. As an orientation, should you finish regularly in tenth position with zero incidents, you would be headed towards 800 rating points.

What is the concrete formula for the rating calculation?
The formula is officially secret.

What is considered an incident?
Whenever you hit another car, at any given speed and in any way, you will be given an incident. You get an incident also if you hit a wall, a marker, or any other track structure.

When do incidents count?
Incidents count on race only. For etiquette and good practice reasons, give space to other drivers at every time also during practice and qualifying sessions. Please note that incidents still count after the finish line has been crossed, so slow down safely your vehicle and stop it on the side before teleporting back to pits.

How bad is it to have an incident?
Incidents are discouraged. Drive clean and safe, keeping distance and giving space at any time. Having an incident will subtract three points from your final score. For most clasification positions, getting an incident penalty is worse than losing a position, score-wise.

I was catching another cars slipstream and tapped the back. Is that still considered an incident?
Yes. Be sure to leave the slipstream safely. In high pings situations, exert extreme safetly by moving to the side extra early.

I had more than what I consider a racing incident. What can I do about it?
You can send a protest to the SRS admins via the protest form. There you will be required a brief description of what happened and a link to a video showing clearly the protested event. Admins will review your request and send you a message in a few days with the result, which may become a short term ban, a long term ban or a permanent ban.

What would get me banned?
Acts that would get you banned include:
-Extreme racing
-Failing to respect blue flags
-Having over 20 incidents on a race will get you automatically temporally banned

I registered/joined a race but my computer crashed/my dog ate the computer and now the "join" button is gone. Is there anything I can do?
Yes, you can still join the race. Go to the "online" section and find the appropiate SRS server by searching "simracingsystem". Then join the server as you would normally do with a public one.

*** Technical stuff

Were are the SRS servers located?
SRS servers are located in Europe and USA, serving pings as low as +-50ms for locals. That ensures smooth racing.

I have a high ping. Can I still race?
The higher the ping, the worse the racing experience will be. Smooth racing takes place at about 50 ms. When joining a server far away from you you will notice higher pings in the order of 150-200ms. That is still ok, although less smooth. In those conditions, give extra space and extra respect in order to ensure clean racing. Should your ping be over 500ms, please reconsider your participation. If you take part in a race in those conditions you will be downgrading the quality of the experience for every driver.

I have done the qualifying session and noticed my ping is really bad. What can I do?
Join the grid for the start and press Escape to be teleported to the pits. Begin the race from the pits away from other drivers and complete at least three laps in order to avoid an early retirement penalty.

I get a «99% CPU usage» warning. What is that and what can I do about it?
Full grid races and some mods require the most from our computers, and sometimes the effort can be too big. If you get that message, your computer is working on the limit. You can try lowering the quality of smoke generation and reflections, since they take a great toll on processing ressources and are of low racing relevance.

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