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Just had this PM re Lotus Exos Monza
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Stephane Raharimbolamena wrote to me:
I'm the "idiot" who was swerving all around on Monza, I tried to defend my position without touching anyone, i save the replay for that matters if there's any problem
I'm sorry if it's not allowed and i should have let pass anyone which was faster? i understand i should do that when people have one lap over me but not in an actual "fight"
Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience i hope you still had fun [Image: smile.png]
Thank you"

If anyone has seen the replay... or was taken out like I was and I watched him blatently push Luca off the track... then you'll know this guy is off his trolley.  I have the video saved... will be filing an official complaint... then I'm leaving.
Until today, I was leading 3 championships... Lotus Exos, Group C, and Group C Endurance.  I'm not even going to bother taking part any more.  
On public servers you expect this to some extent, but not on here.
Don't go Joe, who will teach you youngsters Big Grin

Have sent Stefan the link to "Racing Rules "

But I do think that SRS need to step up to the job of raising the standard of racing here.

The incident where a driver ran in to the back of me on the way out of a corner may be a racing incident but I feel it does also need a verbal warning or racing gets worse not better.
Don't go Joe. Sad If we the safer drivers give up than in SRS will stay only this crash test idiots. Big Grin
And we all know how it will end. Wink

The best step for SRS is to make series like in iRacing. Slow cars for everyone and better cars for players with experience.
Like in endurance but with higher minimal (about 500) rating. Wink
Good thing i came here to check out, thanks for the racing rules Tim, explaining in which way my defending was wrong and called out swerving.
I did defend in the wrong way, sorry about that.

" If anyone has seen the replay... or was taken out like I was and I watched him blatently push Luca off the track... then you'll know this guy is off his trolley "
Well I can't wait for that, because i have my replay too set on F5 Camera from my rear, and you will see no contact from me.
Swerving is one thing, but telling me i've been pushing people off is something else that i did not do.

I'm new to SRS, but definitely not to racing online. I've been pushed too during the race, even from behind.
You can tell when people make mistakes like locking their brake, which is very different then just punching people.

EDIT : Well well well, how funny it is to find out you're the one who pushed me and then few seconds later lost control ridiculously. you've been taken out by yourself.
Maybe you care to explain your behavior during the turn ? I guess not.
Here https://youtu.be/u89yLhPER4g
I have other angles so we can just contemplate that you're not the saint you pretend to be.
This video puts things into context:
Joe, you don't deserve that suffering.
No one deserves it.
In iRacing it means life ban.
Let's see what SRS do.
Here you can play and have fun, you can enter all and it's nice from the best to the less good one, but the wrong behaviors in my opinion have to be punished also heavily. I tell him that sometimes I happened to drive incorrectly by imposing a self-suspension. Joe does not go away from the portal. Sorry for my English
It's interesting how you set up the camera so people can't see much and just add up my to my "victims", i'd be glad if it were COD but it's not.
I'm not raming people like you hope people see  it on your video.

Here, full race with every contact points with anyone, and not some "on board view ".

First contacts point : Nuno : tought i had enough space to go on right side, hit him with my rear right wheel. sorry about that

018 to 0:24 T1 Monza : you've been hit by Vasco Texeira, Rob ran into Vasco who had locked his brake after hitting you, hence i ran into Rob and not bullet fast.
Rob have not been sent out since it was a light contact and came back on race. You didn't care to drive all over me even though you were out of track.
There's no 3rd victim Joe Blow, you were already hit by vasco, i've actually straightened up your car otherwise you were blocking Nuno and the whole way.

2nd contact with nuno : same thing with Rear Right Wheel.

1:10 to 1:20 5th victim Tim ?Mhm no not really You can clearly see i forced him to go on the outside, but he touched my rear who made me spin and then my car hit his. i'm not mad at him for that. i was the victim but it's okay thingsq happend.

Then  it's all about when I change line/swerve which i did indeed. i wasn't aware of those racing rules and i'm sorry for this, now i know thanks to Tim.

5:15 to 5:20 you could have brake but you choosed to go out instead

6:30 to 6:42 : you loose patience and hit me durling last corner, gentle push but you could have brake.

7:00 to 7:15 you loose control but i've never taken you out.

10:30 to 10:40 : i miss apex and get off track and join back

11:31 to 12:00 Oh, That's the Luca you're talking about
well i've set up a little slow-mo so you can see him hit me when he was out of the track. That's how he lost control, driving on the grass. his little trick turned against him.
Should I report luca ? no because it was just a mistake.

14:28 to 14:40  Let's whatch this for a stunt i : i manage to pass my 4 wheels so you had to break, did dive didn't know about that rule either so that was wrong.
but instead you hit my rear right wheel, which makes me ahead of you. There was contact but that's not what sent you out like what we can see on the onboard.
You drove over the curb and clearly ram my back so i Spin too. i was still on the track and you were not. so good luck with that.

Got penalties too when i drove out of the track later in the race and respected them.

Thing is you never care to brake and rather report the others, you're not that clean of a driver.
There has been way worse endeavour online, if you call me a bad pilot for things other than swerving then you might just stop driving online. especially T1.
PS : If some of you are coming from iRacing then I could possibly understand the crybabies.
Hi Stephane,

I was going to keep quite on this, but do have a look at this video with reference to the rules I sent a link to.

You did not "Force me to the outside" you were so far behind you should have made no difference to my driving.  I took the wide line as I was worried I would get taken out as you "Dived" at the corner.  You had no overlap, so My race line.

When the collision does happen it is because you have cut in, not me move out.

Having watched the race, what makes me sad is that you argue that all your moves, apart for the weaving, are fine where as they were not, but you have the pace to race well and not need to be so aggressive.
Tim, he doesn't seem to grasp the concept of racing at all. He has no spacial awareness... has no idea of driving lines... weaves around the track, making it impossible to predict which side to overtake him. On top of all that, he doesn't care about the other drivers one bit.

With high speed formula cars, precision is paramount. We have a certain amount of trust in the other drivers, as they do in you. If you need to know how to behave on track, just watch the races on TV and go by that.

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