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Some ideas and questions
Hi guys and SRS stuff...I would like to share and ask about some possibilites to increase drivers fun at SRS. 
1. I don't know if i'm the only one who think about: Could we have more servers? Because there are just 1 server per game/hour, what about one more? I really don't know if you alredy answered this question, but reallly would like to have more than one car/track choice to race.
2. What about Teams? It's possible to create teams in SRS?
3. Special Events. As we see at iRacing or leagues, there are some special events with Broadcast and Commentor, with the best drivers in top-split. Is this possible?

I will try to answer your questions.

1. What do you mean by more than one server? When there is enough participation, up to 4 splits (4 servers) are created.
2. There is a thread on this, although because there were not many answers, I understand that there is no will with the teams and therefore, the teams are not added to SRS.
3. In the Youtube channel of simracingsystem you can see all the races (from the first split).

A greeting.
I vote for 3. Special events with broadcast and commentator(s)!
1) AC has up to 4 servers, other games no idea
2) you can create teams same as in any other race, do you really need a team tag in SRS system? Use forum signature then? In leagues with real names teams were not shown either but often it was an endurance race and whole team would share the same car with unique number
3) highest rated drivers are always in the top split, server1, you are free to comment on the broadcast in chat or I suppose provide a spoken commentary on your own stream

No idea what you mean by special events. Are we doing rally with special stages on stadiums now?
1) About more servers, I mean more series at sime time. For example: 16;00pm you can choose between GT4 or GT3, like iRacing does, in same game. Who plays Asseto Corsa has only one option, and maybe a lot of players don't want to drive some cars, so they've to wait next race.

3) I know they're there, but would be great to see official special events, like endurances, with commentor (not me, a guy who does play-by-play)
I think an SRS team based challenge series on the base of it sounds great but people have many other commitments IRL to make it difficult to implement on a regular scale, although maybe once a week/month a team based challenge series could possibly be workable much like the ASIA/USA/UK series where there are set fictional teams to 'join' (series has select number of teams to join) and points generated go towards the progress of set teams.

Sounds a great idea in my head probably totally unworkable lol Smile
Let's not forget that SRS offers a free service.
We cannot really compare it to iR as it has whole different business model with payed developers.
As for the multiple series per hour idea in comparison with iRacing you need to account for SRS having a much smaller playerbase. The more series choices per hour there are, the less people that will be in each of those series. Now as much as I like having options, I also like having races that are decently populated.
I think there are enough players to more than one series per hour. SRS has 13.000 players registered and many of them (some friends of mine) don't like some series and wait to play next hour. So, I would like to know if is possible.

I know it's a free service, but I would like to know how much is necessary to one more series, a payment or a donation, I would like to know. I offered myself to sponsor SRS with my sim racing school/coaching, to create this possibility. I know i'm not the only one who wants more series.
The eternal donation!

We have always commented here, but as indicated by the admin, it is not a question of resources but of participation.
Forget the registered, but the assets that we can be almost every day.

In the classifications by category you can see that until the TOP20 approx run all the races. From there, most pilots are missing in some races.

For this reason we have the Youtbue races (once a week) so that the participation is greater at that time, even if the schedule is not compatible with all (as it happens to me).

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