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New Raceroom Series coming April 9!
A survey could be done to see the possibility of including donations and thus be able to have more options in terms of servers.
Its not a question of resources, its to concentrate users
Logical. It is understood. Thank you.

Could you please clarify the schedule for the upcoming WTCC series?
The series banner says it'll be on Saturdays 10:00AM PST, but the calendar below says the first races will be on 2018-04-15. (Please note that i'm in GMT+2)


Shouldn't it be 10:00 PM PST?

(Sorry for nitpicking..)

edit: link added
it's 18:00 GMT+0
(04-11-2018, 09:03 AM)simracingsystem Wrote:  it's 18:00 GMT+0

Yes, but which day? Saturday (2018-04-14) or Sunday (2018-04-15)?

Thanks in advance!
saturday 14
(04-11-2018, 09:38 AM)simracingsystem Wrote:  saturday 14

It's too bad Sad Yesterday it was written that there will be five race sessions on Sunday, April 15. Are you planning to do a WTCC series on other days than Saturday?
It was a typo, it was announced as youtuber series, single schedule.
We just a did a season with a WTCC2017 series every day, several times per day.
Race unavailable, server down, the ADAC '13 is almost impossible to race with. Do I have to race with youtubers to have a proper championship? At Round 2 it's already 4 races I miss in the only GT championship with an open schedule. Is this a rant? Yes Sir. Last season without youtubers was better, now you can race only once a day with them, once a week per class. If you want to replicate iRacing you're missing the point. You should have less championships and more races during the day and not tons of classes racing only few times.

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