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Can you guess what's coming?
(02-02-2018, 11:28 PM)Neil de Guzman Wrote:  I'm not against raceroom or anything else if SRS still wish to add more SIMS... But similar to iRacing introducing so many series and cars, it tends to disperse drivers ending up in races not going official anymore... As SRS population stands at the moment,  I don't know. Just saying. Not entirely shooting things down, but yeah
I am one that will be drawn back to SRS because of Raceroom. Because I love SRS but I'm not loving Assetto Corsa. So personally I think it's excellent that SRS will incorporate more sims.
People who play AC will continue joining AC races.... the difference where is that with Raceroom now people will came . For me personaly i play AC ok but sometimes is boring because the game itself (ex the damage in cars ruins the fun sometimes) .
If Raceroom would be available i will play Raceroom constantly because is by far my favorite SIM.
Helo guys

still no news for RaceRoom ?
Raceroom is on its way yay

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