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Project cars 2 App - simracingsystem - 06-22-2019

[Image: pcars2.png]

23/04/2020 Update
-Fixed startup error


1 - Extract this  zip file(Click to Download) to Project Cars 2 root folder. Make sure the folder structure stays this way:

Quote:Steam\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\SRSPcars2\SRS.exe

2 - Create a shortcut for the SRS.exe file and send it to the desktop

Note 1: You need  to set your STEAM display name so that it matches your SRS username.
Steam display name sets the drivers' ingame name.

Note 2: You need to insert your Steam ID 64 on your SRS user profile (see bellow). You can access your user profile by clicking here

[Image: steamid64field.png]

Note 3: Steam needs to be running

Note 4: PCARS2 must NOT be running when you press the join button

Note 7: When you press join, steam will open a popup asking if you want to run PCARS2 with that command line, press 'ok' and PCARS2  will boot into main menu. Once on the main menu, click 'browse multiplayer' and press enter or select the first server on the list.
You may need to clear the filters in the lobby

[Image: pcars2popup.png]


VR users need to insert the following launch parameter directly on steam and when the 'join' button shows, do not press it, start the game normally in VR and select the first server on the list

Euro server
-sportsplay  (server 1)
-sportsplay (server 2)
-sportsplay (server 3)
-sportsplay (server 4)

USA server
-sportsplay  (server 1)
-sportsplay (server 2)
-sportsplay (server 3)
-sportsplay (server 4)

[Image: pcars2launchparameters.png]

The app will only work with 64bits.

RE: Project cars 2 App - simracingsystem - 04-23-2020

23/04/2020 Update
-Fixed startup error