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Tricky cars + tricky tracks - Simon Meisinger - 03-28-2018

I think it should be avoided in the future to combine tricky cars and tricky tracks as a combo for the first race of a series.

That's currently the case in the 911 GT1 Euro series.

Both the track (AIA) and the car need a lot of skill and learning both at the same time only leads to even more people getting into the race without enough practice (I'm not pointing fingers as I spun three times myself in my first race).

RE: Tricky cars + tricky tracks - Michal Janak - 03-28-2018

the track is not so important (is like many other has some left and some right corners :-) ), only know the car limits is from my point of view important and what i saw in 2 races i participate, it was ......

like everytime at the start many drivers from 2nd half of field must go past anybody at T1 but then they spun or hit other cars, then holding behind driver qulified better and make anything to hold them behind, only making risks bigger,

RE: Tricky cars + tricky tracks - Tim Cullingworth - 03-28-2018

I'm having all sorts of problems driving this car. So much so that I have not raced yet. I keep finding that it just wants to spin at T1 even having slowed to 2nd gear and no power.
I'm going to have to have a good at some point.

RE: Tricky cars + tricky tracks - Will Dawson - 03-28-2018

I find it to be a typical Porsche (constantly switching between over and understeer) but with the added challenge of it being monstrously powerful. I did better than I expected though until my leg cramped and seized up ending in a full throttle trip to Narnia while groaning in agony

A bad car and track combo was the Corvette C7R at Zandvoort. A wide American muscle car on a tight bendy track... One chain reaction of bad decisions later and I am plagued with shame and nightmares!