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How does this work?
I've read somewhere that SRS's broadcasts are authomatic.
I'm curious, how can you do this? Does Assetto offer an API or something? How do the system choose the driver to follow?

This system is great, specially to gain popularity and reach more drivers so congratulations for your work.
You have plugins for that, action cam etc..
I was wondering... are all races broadcast or some don't make the cut???

I've raced in a few of the Daytona GT3 races of recent in the AMERICAN GT3 series and I cannot find them on the SRS youtube page. I was wondering if they were just never recorded or uploaded. It seems I don't find any of the SRS GT3 American races.

You'd be amazed at the track cutting that went on in last night's race... Was so bad. Not sure if the two that were blatantly cutting the chicane on the back stretch were penalized ever, but they ended up behind me at the end of the race. Was just frustrating to catch someone "legally" just to watch them blow a track limit and set you up to do it all over again.

I really just wanted to see my Livery I created on a video though. I wanted to see if the upload thing actually worked for the youtube broadcast.
Cool Respectfully..... Stan Donit Cool
Hi Stan,

Just a suggestion... the live broadcasts are not made public immediately, but if you subscribe to the SRS YouTube channel, then set it to get emailed notification for that channel, you can click on the link in the email to view the footage.
Regards, -- Joe.
Hello Joe,
Thanks for your response. I am already subscribed to SRS and I have been sifting through some videos already there. I have not set up the email part you speak of due to the fact that... Well I guess I just don't want a ton of emails to sift through. I rarely sub and allow anything "newsletter/notification"-ish to apply to my accounts. I have just been checking when I had time instead which is fine with me.
The reason I asked about the GT3 American Series specifically is because I see that as of today, in the current series, 21 races have been organized and run, but I cannot find even one on the SRS youtube channel. I was simply wondering if some of the series did not make the cut for live stream or even later upload.
For instance, when I go to the search bar on the SRS youtube channel and type in "GT3"... I do find GT3 races. Some are from the Asia and Europe series. Some are from Porsche Cup series, etc. I was just wondering if the American series was something I was overlooking or if they were not on the channel.
Again... I really appreciate the response and the advice. Nice to have a reply and feedback from a very active SRS member. Maybe our "tracks" will cross one fine day in the future... hopefully when I'm a much better driver. Thanks again.
Cool Respectfully..... Stan Donit Cool
I think I read that if a race has 10 or more drivers, it will be on broadcast. Lesser and then not. Also part of the automation is counting drivers Wink
I could be wrong but I also believe only the TOP SPLIT gets broadcast.
Seems the stream from last night GT3 America @ Imola (2nd race of the week) broadcast "automatically" but there are no cars...
SRS Admin or broadcast-person may want to check into that.
I really wanted to re-watch that race so I guess I'll go to my personal replay.
No complaints, I just figured I'd let someone know so it could be looked into if Admin wanted to.
Cheers and see you on the track.
Cool Respectfully..... Stan Donit Cool
I too am curious to learn more about how the YouTube videos are made for Assetto Corsa.  Its very cool!  However, it would be nice to see some improvements, assuming they are technically feasible.  
  • It shows some camera angles that are quite pointless, such as the in-car cam showing the driver, or the camera showing a front tire.  It would be nice to remove these cameras entirely from the YouTube videos.
  • It seems to be somewhat smart about showing the driver that is involved with overtaking another car.  However, assuming such logic already exists (perhaps it is my imagination?), it could use some improvement.  For example:
    * For the first minute of the race it should only show TV cameras, and it should be fixed (or heavily weighted) to show only one of the first 5 cars.  Typically, this is where the "serious" action is at, where the race amongst the drivers that have a chance of winning can be won or lost. 
    * When contact occurs, unless it with someone in the bottom third of the standings, it should temporarily switch to that driver.
Is there some code that SRS wrote that could be tweaked with improvements like the above?

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