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Hello, from Perth Western Australia
Hello, from Perth Western Australia.  (UTC+8 hours)
See you on the track. 
RF2 preferred, but have AC as well. 
Are there Australian/Asian official servers?
At the moment gt3 oceania runs on the USA server but if thenumber of users from that área increases we might add servers from those areas.
Thanks. With the Australian servers, its a bit of a chicken and the egg problem. When you see a server with 500ms ping or over your reluctant to join it.  I can only hope there will be servers closer soon.  Thanks. 
Australians have 200-250 on USA server
(07-22-2017, 09:26 AM)simracingsystem Wrote:  Australians have 200-250 on USA server

Yes that would be from the east coast of Australia, these atleast an additional 100ms from the west to the USA servers. Might have to try the European servers maybe.  It makes it difficult to race closely with someone with a half second delay. 
Thanks for the servers.

Are there any RF2 servers/events running?

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