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New AC Series for July and New Partners!
We are very pleased to announce the new series for Assetto Corsa!

For the first time we'll try to reach simracers from all across world with 4 GT3 championships at their prime time for simracing:
  • GT3 America: 01:00 GMT
  • GT3 Oceania: 08:00 GMT
  • GT3 Asia: 14:00 GMT
  • GT3 Euro: 20:00 GMT
The GT3 Euro series will feature all GT3 cars and the other series will use the 3 base contente cars.

The youtube series have been a success and we bring you more heavy weight simracing partners! The Simpit, Sim Racing Paddock and Jimmy Broadbent!

Euro youtubers
  • Monday - SimRacing NC - DTM90s
  • Tuesday - Random Call Sign - Toyota AE86
  • Wednesday - Gamer Muscle - Formula Exos
  • Thursday - Aussie Stig - Porsche Cup
  • Friday - Jimmy Broadbent - Ginetta GT4 Super Cup
America youtubers
  • Monday - Sim-Force - BMW 235i
  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays - Sim Racing Paddock - Mazda 787B
  • Thursdays & Fridays - The Simpit - Mazda MX5 CU

See you on track!

[Image: SeriesJuly17.png]
Amazing, so glad this is growing every day! Keep on keeping on!
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Thumbs Up 
The Exos is back ! GT4 and AE86 should be good fun too.
As usual, I'll eventually have to make choices Tongue 
Good job SRS , great sponsors !
Thank you very much for the schedule!!
nice the Ginetta GT4 and BMW 235i is going to be awesome Big Grin
Great job! Dont you guys want to try to put mandatory pit stop to some series? I think it could be good
No race starting at 21.00 GMT? My preferred timeslot...
I fully agree with Martijn. Great line-up, but the timeslots are not good for people in Europa. No race at 2100GMT? That's the best timeslot for lots of people to race. I'd love an Abarth, F3 or Exos race at that timeslot and I'm sure others feel the same.
Great work SRS!  Glad the Exos is back!  Cool
Regards, -- Joe.
No race @21 GMT may mean 20 GMT is a one hour race with 20min qualify

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