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Audi TT Cup
Audi TT cup  Race Time 2x30 minutes  is to Long!
2 x 15 minutes would be nice!

Sorry I disagree.

It is nice to have some longer races rather that all of them being short sprints.

I still miss the 1 hour races. I realise that the longer races aren't for every one but there are lots of other races that are short and this is the only one that is of any length.
I'm with Tim on this one... I miss Nordschleife endurance Big Grin
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This is the only series that has more than 20 min races... which is actually not that long
I fully agree it's not much longer than an hour race (just a bit of time between the two races) and the reverse grid for the 8 top positions really adds spice to the race.
I'd love to see 60 minutes races back again too btw and maybe once a month a special event 2h race ? or even more to have multiple stints strategies.
Keep up the good work SRS, you guys rock!
I'm all for 1 hour/2x30 min races, but it seems not to be pragmatic. I recently found myself on my own for the second race because everyone else had left.
no double races on the next season

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