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Post-race talk
I was thinking, could we have the possibility to have a post-race talk in the Race Results screen? I guess it's often people that would like to say things like sorry or discuss accidents after a race.
So what I suggest is to have a small area where people can post small texts about the race.
Example here: https://i.imgur.com/1qrJrO7.png
incidents shouldn't even be discussed publicly...

If you want to contact a driver, you can send him a PM and it will be private between you and him.
just trying to make some kind of driver discussions etc. if this page require login it's not that public. it feels kind of "detached" to do a race without any discussion afterwards. a bit boring and you feel a lack of community
SRS, post race friendly banter is a good thing, and helps build the community stronger
Trust me, discussing incidents is not the way to build anything
i'm not sure it's so bad as you say. leagues have had this for ages and it works fine and people are usually friendly.
its very easy to ban people if they get very aggressive in text after the race, much easier than handling a race video.
well in all the leagues i've organized in the past 10 years, incident discussion was forbiden because it would always end up going bad.
even here i had to warn people to stop discussing incidents and simply use the protest form.

People can make suggestions of course, on the correct subforum btw.

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