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New AC Series and Partners!
We are very pleased to announce the new series for Assetto Corsa!

The recently released Audi TT Cup will introduce double races with reversed grid and the Maserati GT1 will test your skills!
Our new Youtube Partners will be hosting some very interesting competitions from Tuesday to Friday at 19:00 GMT!
  • Tuesdays: Random Call Sign - Porsche GT3 Cup
  • Wednesdays: Gamer Muscle - Lotus 3-11
  • Thursdays: AussieStig - GT3
  • Fridays: Simracing NC
Race Sim Studio Joins SRS and the Formula Hybrid will speed up your mondays 19:00 GMT. Stay tuned to their FB, special promotion coming up !
No Grip racing series will deliver old school racing with the DTM 90s cars on your saturdays and sundays 19:00 GMT.
Stay tuned on Bsimracing.com for more news!

[Image: SeriesJune17.jpg]
this is great news, the F1 2017 mod is INCREDIBLE and intense.
i can't wait.
This looks great! Thank you!
I am going to work on some skins this week-end Big Grin
Great news!
Thank you for your hard work.
Your car selection is like a smorgasbord of "how fast do you want to go" ... in 10 mile per hour increments.
Your track selection for the last series, at least for the MX-5, was very interesting and challenging.  Almost every other track on the calendar was one I'd never heard of before.
You put up with a whole lot of crap.

I have to include my thanks to the list, and a Well Done!
Fantastic proposal !!

Thank you for your hard work !

See you on track !
(Too) great selection  Heart ! Now, I'll have to race every evening    (I don't wanna choose  Tongue )
An exciting line-up! Looking forward to the coming season.
Regards to all,
-- Joe.
Oh well.. just run the audi and maserati no? Why give up completely?
Just some clarification, GMT time is 2 hours earlier than CEST, right? Big Grin I'm terrible at time zones.
And also, Mazda and Audi TT races are everyday ones, right?

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