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About VR
Another question here: Do you guys know any way to show the flags in the center of the screen? They appear in a corner and it's impossible to see them if you don't look there. Same for damage app.
Thank you!
Good question, I'm interested too, mainly for damages.
For flags, as I use CrewChief (must have app for any simracer imo), I have audio information about flags.
(08-19-2017, 10:36 PM)Paul Hirigoyen Wrote:  Good question, I'm interested too, mainly for damages.
For flags, as I use CrewChief (must have app for any simracer imo), I have audio information about flags.

Hi Paul,

In Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/system/cfg/damage_displayer.ini you can change:


There are also mods that basically modify the images of the damage display, for example to make it smaller:

This is also why I love this game, you can almost customize everything to your needs Smile
(07-11-2017, 09:41 PM)Paul Hirigoyen Wrote:  Glad it helped ;-)
That was the game changer for me.

Adding more supersampling over 2.0 is useless IMO (i usually stop at 1.7 max).

To gain some FPS, I've turned off Post Processing (the best gain is here), lowered Anti Aliasing. to 2x  and smoke generation to very Low. That did the trick.
Btw, I have a SLI of 2 GTX 980, but I'm not sure that Assetto is using both cards (pretty sure it doesn't in fact).

And that works with other VR games of course (RRE, rFactor2 for example).

Hi There,
So quick Question what you meant with Supersampling and "Lowered AA" ?

theres some nasty New AA just out....its rly insane.... 


yes it says Maxwell only BUT, for me with AMD/ATI since the latest Update of the AMD Radeon Crimson Driver theres something exactly like that, (its the same kind of technologie) i turnd it on i got more frames and way more stable and way much better looking.. and its exactly for you guys with VR ;Smile

i use with my crimson driver and a R9 290

Overwriting ingame AA Settings
8xEQ with Adaptiv Multisampling 
Surfaceoptimization ON
Tripple Buffer ON 
Either Vsync driver or in game ( Ithink with nvidia its always driver vsync..)
and importend ..(kinddda funny but it rly make a difference...
LOOKING the FPS ingame or with Driver to your VSYNC rate.! (for me its 60) you will se the difference INSTANT
4k Resolution 3840x2160
World High Shadow High
Smoke Low (no smoke mirros)
Mirrors Qualy Max (cost 0 performance)
Reflection Quality Medium
Reflection Rendering Rate Low (cost a shit load of power if you go to high here , i even reduce the distance frome 500 to 250 in the AC Manager)
But you can crank it up against Bots or in karrier mode , seems its not that big of a frame killer there...

Postprocessing OFF ( some stuff works on most maps with 21 players... but mostly its making everything worse for me...)

for me that eliminated every micro stuttering or any laags what so ever..
and the fps are hammered at 60.. @ 4K Res
It was a lot of trying and reading .....
Assetto is rly rly strange regarding Video Settings....  sometimes its like magic Big Grin^^

P.S Since i got no VR or Tripple Setup yet i use very very pleased RealHeadMovement its just awesome and made me faster for sure

Peace out ! 

When I mentionned supersampling, I was talking about the "PIXEL_PER_DISPLAY" settings specific to the Oculus rift.
As for "Lowered AA", I was talking about MSAA reduced to 2x.

However, since then, I had to re-enable post-processing (to low) because of the rearlights : with post-processing off, with most cars, I couldn't see when the car in front of me was braking (a bit troublesome in a race Tongue )
But in the process, I gained sun glare Dodgy (can't win'em all)

And thanks Antoine for the tips about the display damager Wink  I love Assetto too for the same reasons.

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