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About VR
Do you guys use virtual reality glasses (Oculus, Vibe, etc.)?  I've always had some questions about this topic.
Do you feel faster with them? Is it easier to drive/avoid contact with other drivers? Do they really worth the price they have? Do you feel dizzy when you use them?
Thank you!
I've been using an Oculus CV1 for a year, and now, I can't go back Wink
I was using triple screens but in my opinion VR beats that regarding immersion and 3D.
I won't say I'm much faster with it, but, with no doubt, I'm much more consistent, and it's way more easier to judge distances (and brake accordingly) : it feels more natural (that is, if you've already driven a car)
And mirrors are now soooo useful (even if i use Helicorsa)
Regarding dizziness, it seems i'm immune to it, so that's not an issue for me.
And, on the price subject .. well maybe they are a bit expensive for now (gear is not perfect, progress need to be done on the resolution matter for example)
But, the ration enjoyment/price is OK for me, as SimRacing is my main "game" activity for a few years now.

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