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Just had this PM re Lotus Exos Monza
Spacial awareness is a problem on a single screen, that is why I advocate the use of Helicorsa.

I think it was only his second race at the time , he's on 6 now, so some inexperience is to be expected, but it does make it hard on the tidier racers. I do think that this a good reason to have more banded races.
Hi Tim,

No need to keep quiet on this, i'm all open to suggestion and critics.
I understand i've totally missed the racing rules and i will be looking at it from now on.
I'm upset/aggressive because i'm not a wrecker and I do care about the other drivers, otherwise i wouldn't be suscribing nor trying to explain my behavior. Sorry that i've cut in your line. Like i showed on my replay i've never tried to deliberately push someone.
It's my 5th racing or so here so i've still have much to learn.
I'll be driving the Barcelona SRG F138 tomorrow,
Please come and I will offer you a decent drive with less aggressive driving, cleaner and predictable racing lines, no swerving .
To be fair, if people did swerve like me i would have an harder time to pass them so sorry about that joe.
I still enjoyed the racing and i mean to race again with you
Fair enough Stephane. As I'm sure you have realised you should always listen to me as I am a perfect racer ;-)

To tell the truth if you meet me on the race track I will probably end up behind you as I think I go to much the other way and back out of situation more that I need to, but I would much prefer a good race to one that I won.

I'm also aware that it is a lot harder to apologise with online racing than it is if you race face to face. I do try and use the policy that if I bump someone and gain a place I will let them take it back. What I think is interesting is that the British Touring Car series hahs implemented the same rule.
Hi Tim/Joe

Won't meet you tomorrow but in few weeks, since i got suspended
Till then i'll be training for better driving, see you Smile
Hi Stephane,

Don't train to hard, I need a chance :-)

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