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Empty servers
did thought about that option but there are always people who sign up and don't show up, so it would all end up again with the same result and removed drivers form the first split.
No problem.

Gotta thank you for all you do for us already, and listening and responding to us here is even more amazing so thanks!
When i first registered, the daily races had sometimes 4 servers. A lot of people. I don't see that so much now.
I notice in the races i did ( not many) there's always new people with very low race number. But it seems they don't stay cause the number of people racing it's not increasing overtime.

One thing that i notice is that, if I'm new and I'm not a fast driver., i have only one top 3 in my career, but my rating is 400 something due to the number of races i did, my results are bad, but the rating increases and its also used for server placement. The "problem" is that now, I'm always on tier 1, even if i skipped 2 or 3 weeks in a championship, even if I'm slow. Then you have the usual suspects, very fast people. What i see is that new people is thrown to the lions in a very early stage. People tend to leave if most of their races are basically driving alone and get lapped.

There was a user that once wrote here that if you're not racing the be the best there is, you should not be racing at all, and that couldn't be more wrong. The first thing is to have fun.

The more fun, the more people stay, the more servers will happen. When people register in SRS they register to race other people and the feeling of achieving something in those races. Progression. If in the English Football League the Bradford City from the fourth division is sent to the Premiere league to play against Manchester United, Chelsea etc, they would loose every single game 10 - 0. They wouldn't be doing nothing there. But in their fourth division they fight for the top places ( i guess ). Its more competitive. Even if its physiologic only.

17 people racing in a single race its batter, but what it seems and i might be wrong, is the usual top 5/7 that always win, and the rest 7 that arrive, drive alone, end in 13th place all the time get bored, leave and are replaced by new people. And the cycle goes on.

Less people by server might give the carrot in the cane to people. A 13th place in server 1, could be a 3th in a 10 people splits. A 8th could be a 2th in a 6 people splits. New coming people a 3th in a race its much more fun then a 13th in a race, no matter what split he is.

That would prevent also the people getting lapped and doing something dumb and wrecking other people races.

If splits are smaller and the placement are more overall performance bases, the tiers could be more competitive and less empty.

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