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Practice session before the race
Hi everyone!
I'm new here so this may have been posted before, but I couldn't find it.  Huh

My suggestion is to add a practice session where you can wait and practice with other people before the quali and the race. Qualifying would start at the same time as it does now, but the idea is to have the option to join the warm up when you sign for the race instead of having to wait until three minutes before the race. This way you could practice with other people, wich to me is much more interesting that practicing alone or with the CPU.

Match making is not necessary until qualifying so people can join the server that is available when they arrive. For example, say that there are 35 people who want to join the practice before the race, the first 24 to arrive would join server 1 no matter their rating and the other 11 would join server 2. When practice is over, people now would be reorganised accordint to their rating.

One or even two hour practice sessions before the race with other people would be really enjoyable, and I also think it would help people learn how to battle in a specific track so the number of incidents per race would be lower. What do you think?

An easy way to program this could be just to have access to a link to a practice server when you join the event. Then when the practice is over, you would have to get out that server manually and join the quali as you do now. It would be better if it's done automatically but to start with that would be great.
This sounds great on paper but SRS has only a limited number of servers and they need to rotate every hour. If you need practice, then you can set it up offline. Some settings for each series are posted in registration. Typically you will also set track grip to 100%, time to 13:00, air temp at 22°C, and track temp at 28°C. Some folks who host the weekly series will also host semi-official practice servers of their own, so look for announcements of those or just browse the Kunos server list.
Lots of private practice servers out there, incl SloBros, hosting current series, use is entirely optional ? Hope to see you on track.

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