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Barbagallo Pit Fake
(01-26-2020, 07:07 PM)Alex┬áNelson Wrote:  I vote we just report them. If someone is consistently taking a cheater line where more than 2 tires are outside track limits, they can be reported and suspended. I think it's up to the senior members of SRS to try and clean this up. I think Henrique should have a team of drivers, the guys who race the most on SRS, and use them to create a marshal program. Give them the ability to review petitions, and suspend drivers. Turn10 and Forza Motorsport did this a while back (I know forza is not a sim) with my racing club 2old4Forza. We became part of a marshal program and could kick players at will if they were caught cheating/ramming/ect. Now while we were not able to clean up the entire online community, we were able to keep the lobbies that we had drivers participating in much cleaner. There are more than a handful of guys I know using this platform who could use this sort of power correctly and responsibly, and who also participate in enough races to be able to keep tabs on most of the series' races. Just my opinion, throw rocks at me if you think I'm dumb Smile

All this sounds good to me too Smile
There were multiple protests regarding this behaviour and all drivers identified with clear evidence were suspended, like it has happened before and will happen in the future. This track has been used in the past and this is the first time people decided to play smart.

If a user needs a rule that tells him that he cannot make abusive cuts, then he should leave straight away, he's not welcome here.

Anyone can fill a protest and they are all answered.

The next user writting that he doesn't want to bother with protests goes on vacation.

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