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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
(04-24-2018, 08:36 AM)Pierre Caillet Wrote:  Any confirmation on the theory that you have to take part in two races for the skin to update ?

You mean if you already have a skin uploaded for a particular car? I don't know for sure but after having issues trying to update an old skin I decided with another car to change the resolution of the skin so that the file size was different. I've gotten the "Your skin has been updated" message straight away after that on any car that I update.
Yes, but as someone else said earlier, I also got the "skin updated" message but the skin was not updated on the youtube video. And I've made another change since then, but I'll probably do two races tonight so we'll know for sure.
Good point, I haven't checked the broadcasts after updating a skin. Ah well keep us informed of how your test goes, would be nice to know for sure.
So, I got only one race yesterday but I got the second one an hour ago. And the results are weird:
- I got the "skin updated" message on both occasions
- I had changed 3 things on my skin : some details on the body, the color of the rims and the back number plate. On the youtube video, only the backplate was updated, the rest was as in V1 of the skin...
I don't know what to think. I'll try a third tonight.
Okay, so, 3rd connection with V2 of the skin : got the "skin ok" message but youtube still shows V1 with the V2 backplate. What gives ?!

Edit: 4th edition : the backplate, the wheels but not the body...

Guys, that friggin' skin won't update. What do I do ?
That sounds like a bug with however the app tells the SRSTV client to update its skins or not. At the very least it should diff every file it has in the same directory as someone joining with a valid custom skin. Any changes at all it either needs to restart right before the race, or it needs to at least update the skin so the NEXT race is is updated.
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Finally, it's properly updated, it took 5 races.

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