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New Project Cars 2 Series & features starting September 9th!
We are delighted to announce the new Project Cars 2 championships at SRS, starting September 09!

Do you usually race at an hour that only a few drivers are using SRS?

From now on, whenever a race is not official (less than 6 drivers registered) SRS fills the server with AI so that you can still enjoy the race.
There is no rating involved and the results count for the AI championships that you can check under Competition>StandingsAI

Daily series

[Image: GT_E-RTW.png] GTE Real Time & Weather
[Image: FormulaR.png] Formula Rookie
[Image: TCR_pc2.png] Touring Cars

[Image: GT_4Euro.png] GT4 Euro from Wednesdays to Sundays 18:00 GMT
[Image: GT_4America.png] GT4 America from Thursdays to Sundays 00:00 GMT

Youtuber Series America

[Image: ZeroBandWidthLigierJSLMP3-RTW.png] Zero Band Width - Ligier JS P3 - Wednesdays 01:00 GMT

Youtuber Series Europe

[Image: SonchykGT_3.png] Sonchyk - GT3  - Tuesdays  18:00 GMT

For more details check the following link

See you on track!

[Image: PCars2_SeriesSeptember19.jpg]
Nice! Thanks a lot. Good idea with supplementing with AI for now.
Yes!!! finally, thanks
Nice! Will give it a go!
Any one know how to set up VR for SRS Project Cars 2?
Great news! How does the weather system work in GTE races?
real time & weather
(09-11-2019, 08:48 AM)simracingsystem Wrote:  real time & weather
Sorry if i am slow  but is weather predetermined or is it the real weather option with real time progression? I'm only asking cause i want to simulate conditions for practice before race.
if the race at SRS is held at 10:00 UTC but the track is on timezone UTC-7 you'll race using 03:00 conditions (night)
Weather forecast is taken before the session start
Thank you!

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