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advertising maybe?
not a lot of ppl playing atm
There were some urgent issues that required some attention.

Now that this issues are solved, we can move on Wink

(03-14-2016, 09:14 AM)DIMITRY POPOV Wrote:  not a lot of ppl playing atm
I've done my part to get some brazilians on board =D
Pelo canal Sim Force, eu vejo vocês na pista!
(03-15-2016, 07:31 PM)Bruno Peres Wrote:  I've done my part to get some brazilians on board =D

So do I!
Maybe someone could create a guide on the steam community (AC/ game modes) with the youtube video.
This system was advertised on reddit lately by the youtuber GamerMuscleVideos both in the assettocorsa and the simracing subreddit.
I have promoted SRS on our SimRaceSA forum, So alot of South Africans will join in soon
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There is also made a pretty fine Steam Thread about it on Assetto Corsa Steam Forum.


Bumbing it by saying, sweet thanks, cool app, wouldn't hurt to make more awareness around it on the Steam Forum.
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