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Hello all,

I've been on a racing game craze since I was a child playing GT2, V-Rally, Colin McRae Rally on the PS1, games such as Colin McRae 04, Rallisport, and GT4 on the PS2 & Xbox, and GT5/DiRT on PS3. 
On PC I've played rFactor, GTR2, GT Legends, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Dirt Rally, Richard Burns Rally, and others. 

At the moment I do not own a wheel because of financial reasons Rolleyes Rolleyes . However, one of these days will come around and maybe I can come back to sim-racing. The t300 seems like a really nice wheel to invest in with a Fanatec LC pedal kit. Hopefully, I'll come back to sim-racing soon enough.

Thank you.

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