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Poll: Would you like to race with reversed grid?
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Reverse Grid for SRS?
Could be fun in an F2 style, one race normal qualy, second reverse first 8 guys. Maybe we could start once a week to test the waters. For example, "normal" race on Sunday instead of a retro, and reverse Monday, since there' are no YouTubers anymore on Monday, 19 GMT. But than again, it could be a shitshow as well. Some fast guys are already angry all the time, I don't even wanto to imagine what would it be if they start from the mid, and got taken out in the first lap by somebody who is not on their level. I've seen a lot of races where pace difference between first 3-4 and 8-10 is still quite massive, unless all servers are full and you get almost only the very best in top split..
You wont be able to start reversed grid other day than the first race, it needs to be same day, same time, right after the first race
TPC SimRacing Team Driver

(07-11-2019, 07:54 PM)David Iglesias Wrote:  I would love to see that.
I think that it was done in the past so the system must support it

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