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Dear racers,

since I´m a total setup idiot, could somebody please provide me some setups for RSS 3 V6 for Silverstone so that I might be able to get an idea what to change best to improve esp. stability under breaking and for the fast turns?

That would be sooo kind of you! Smile


(07-05-2019, 10:03 AM)Andreas Gehrke Wrote:  Don´t have to be complete setup files. Just tipps on what to look into would be awesome as well of course.
Yeah, this thing is a literal space ship compared to what I've been racing the last couple of seasons. I do "okay" but braking for Copse with the default is straight up terrifying. I'd probably loosen the suspension overall if I didn't think I'd wildly change the rest of the ride in the process.
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Thanks mate will try that.

Coming from last months 911 Cup with fixed setups this is really quite a challenge. Smile
I suggest crank up the downforce, full wings front and back. It's not slow, believe me, just remember to carry speed in corners to make the wings work. Stiffen the suspensions on smooth tracks, then you dial it down slowly from there. Basically, what I am suggesting is your starting set up. You will have to find your own set up from there. Not that you race the set up I described.
Thanks man!

Will start with this today and see where it takes me. Of course I have to pimp it to suit my driving style but a good start and direction as to what to look into is really a massive help.

So, thanks a lot again!


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