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New Assetto Corsa series starting June 1st!
(06-30-2019, 06:04 AM)Samu Moilanen Wrote:  
(06-30-2019, 01:25 AM)Rifqy Afiyat Wrote:  talking about GT2. Doesn't it include 911 RSR???

Not at this moment, though RSR would be a good add on. C7.R is far better than the GT2 Ferrari and BMW, thus effectly making this a Corvette championship.

It would need some ballast and/or engine limiter to put all 4 in the same champ, however it might be closer than we think on some tracks. They can be roughly in the same second but that's still a lot each lap for 1hour.

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RE: New Assetto Corsa series starting June 1st! - by James Blint - 06-30-2019, 10:33 AM

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