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SimRacingSystem1 server issues?
I just had incredible issues with a Porsche Cup race on SRS server #1
I have constant server disconnects I have never experienced before neither with SRS nor with Assetto Corsa.

My ping time was displayed just in the same range it always is with SRS servers but I kept getting disconnected over and over and over again.

I made several attempts at modem, router and PC recycles but nothing changed at all.

Is there a server side issue currently with SRS #1 ?
Similiar issues for me at Lotus 49 Sim Racing Paddock @Silverstone June 25th. I joined successfully, was in practice session, came back to pits and suddenly I was alone and had a "Disconnected from Server" message. I tried to Join several times, then went to the Online server and tried joining from there, but no joy. The SimRacingSystem USA Server1 was showing no ping but other public servers were showing ping numbers. I restarted Assetto Corsa, no luck in SRS or Online lobby. Logged out, restarted computer, reloaded AC, went to Online Lobby and boom, got in....had 2 min 30 sec left in qualy so just made it! That is a one-off situation...can't remember that happening before. I know there were some join issues in days gone by for USA servers but they were corrected.
That sounds exactly like the exact issue I had only I unfortunately could not finish the race after reentering as I got another disconnect during the race.

I too never ever once had such an issue with SRS or Assetto Corsa in particular. AC was always super rock solid stable with rarely ever a disconnect :-(
Hi all,

just happen something similar at the Audi TT cup in Zandvoort (Server 1).

Just at starting, when the lights turn off, all cars had suddenly disappeared. I just insert the gear and start but after a couple of seconds, everybody appears again and: "Bam" I bump the car in front of me and the message "Jump start penalty" comes out.
I didn't have a disconnection, just a super lag or a temporary disconnection, even my ping was stable at 35 for all race.

Not so happy about this and really sorry for the driver I bumped...


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