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Splitting system is working?

Today 06/19 at 18GMT race, in SkipBarber, in server 1 there was drivers with rating 13.7 and, in server 2, there was drivers with rating 339.4..., so, I wonder,... Is splitting system working properly?

After the first race in a series for a season, server splits are done weighting much more on current champsionship points for that series rather than driver rating. Driver rating is the only thing that splits drivers on the first races of a season. Downside is that you can have really poor and/or inexperienced drivers get in on the ground floor of the first race(s) of a series and get enough points to stay on server 1 for the next few races, even stinking it up. Good news is that with decent driving and being here for a while, you can get plenty enough driver rating points to start on server 1 at the start of the season pretty easily.
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AFAIK it works like described above... My current rating is 649... But I haven't raced for months and if I go to a race right now, with the season in it's last two weeks, I'm sure I'll be in the lower splits if the race I join will have enough drivers to split. Numbers are nice to look at but it doesn't represent your present ability. I don't even think I deserve that high number. I think I only have that because I tried to finish races with as little incidents as possible. As far as I understand, it works as intended for the CURRENT SEASON. Not our whole racing career.

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